The energy and happiness that summer gives us are completely different. The vitamin D we take in the summer months, those beautiful and long days, wonderful events, and delicious foods give us unforgettable moments. If you are a true summer lover, what we will mention here will make you miss summer even more!


We’ve Got Sunshine So, Everything Is Alright!

It would be fair to say that we long for the sun that warms our hearts and makes us all excited when we enter the long winter months. Fortunately, when summer comes, the days when we can sunbathe in parks and beaches and enjoy the moment to the fullest are approaching!


Don’t Forget the Summer Fruits!

There are dozens of things to love about summer but undoubtedly one of the best is summer fruits. So, what do we have? Grapes, sour cherries, strawberries, peaches, apricots, plums, melons, and watermelons!

Close your eyes and imagine. When you are overwhelmed by the heat, you open the refrigerator to cool off and see a bowl of melon and watermelon mixture. Then you eat it with pleasure, oh my!


Enjoyable Summer Evenings That You Will Spend with Friends and Family

We all have unforgettable summer evenings. There would be a warm breeze, but the weather would be still hot. You can sit on chairs on the balcony. The dining table would be set and there would be family or friends around it. Everyone drinks tea and plays okey, ice creams and watermelons will be served. The sweetest conversations are made in these evenings. We missed these a lot, haven't we?


Joyful, Colorful Life with Summer Songs!

You know, no matter what your musical taste is, think about those hit songs that don't matter much and allow you to get into the rhythm without making you think too much. We need some of that, right? Dancing to upbeat songs and having fun with our loved ones are among the things we miss most about summer.


Enjoying the Pool and the Sea!

One of the best things about summer is spending all day in the pool and sea. Swimming for long hours, playing various water games, reading a book on a sun lounger and reapplying sunscreen... What more could we want?


Freedom to Travel to Chilly Places in the Middle of Summer!

There is another aspect of summer that makes us happy. For example, it is not possible for us to travel to warm routes in our country during the winter months. Even if we go, we may not be able to fully enjoy our summer holidays. However, that does not apply to summer months. If you get really overwhelmed in the summer, you can experience winter in summer by traveling to a place with high altitude.


There are Festivals and Concerts!

When we say summer, of course, festivals and concerts are among the first things that come to mind. Going to festivals and concerts is best enjoyed in this season. Listening to your favorite artist on a warm summer evening will be very good for you!


There Are Many Varieties of Ice Cream!

One of the indispensable symbols of summer is, of course, ice cream. When you purchase one ice cream cone, you will think about the next one right away. While eating one, you say, "I would like to have chocolate ice cream for the next round." This is perhaps the most enjoyable and delicious form of being indecisive! :)