Where would you like to route your caravan? To a lush green forest with plenty of oxygen? Or to the shores where your back looks at the green and your face to blue? We have compiled the colorful camping site suggestions for you where you can go with your caravan. Here are the 8 most popular caravan destinations in Turkey!


1. Yedigöller / Bolu

There are 7 different lakes in Yedigöller, where you will encounter magnificent views in all four seasons and whose atmosphere resembles a fairy tale. Yedigöller National Park, which you can enter with a caravan, has a unique forest feature with a wide variety of tree species. If you would like to experience Yedigöller National Park with your caravan, we recommend that you check the weather forecast in advance. Additionally, it would be better to plan ahead, considering that GSM signals are not very strong in the region. It may be more practical for you to enter the region after purchasing the food you will need during your holiday from the city. When everything is ready, it will be great for you to see Yedigöller and spend an unforgettable holiday among those unique trees!


2. Foça / İzmir

Foça is a wonderful district of Izmir, where the wind never stops, and the heat is never at the level of excruciating. There are also many camping areas in the region that provide accommodation with caravans. Additionally, the region is also suitable for daily holidays. Camping areas in the region are more economical compared to other bays. This makes this region more preferred for a caravan camping area. Therefore, it is useful to reserve a place in advance. We recommend that you call in advance for both current fee information and entry requirements.


3. Borçka Karagöl / Artvin

Are chilly forests and lush trees more suitable for your holiday idea, rather than hot beaches? If you desire to have a calm, chilly and peaceful forest holiday, Borçka Karagöl Camp is just for you! Karagöl, which many photographers add to their holiday routes to capture unique shots, offers a visual feast to its visitors from the first hours of the day to the last hours. If you haven't experienced this natural wonder destination yet, you should certainly add it to your list of places to visit!


4. Göreme / Nevşehir

If you would like to open your eyes to the mornings where you will witness romantic views, you can pull your caravan to one of the camping areas in Göreme. It will be truly wonderful to say "Hello!" to the day with colorful balloons that are decorating the sky with the sunrise. There is also a swimming pool in the camping area, where caravan residents can easily meet all their needs. In order to find a place in the camping areas easily, which attracts great interest from local and foreign tourists, you can contact us and make your reservation before the date of your holiday.


5. Gökova / Muğla

The most suitable caravan camping area to watch the Gulf of Gökova is Azmakbaşı. While one side of you looks at green, the other side looks at a very turquoise sea. The camping area is right next to the lake and the sea is only 150 meters away. So, this camping area offers you lake, sea, and forest views together. In the camping area in Akbük Bay, there are tents and bungalows that you can rent even if you come without a caravan. We recommend that you make a reservation long before your holiday in order to find a place in Azmakbaşı, which is one of the first locations that come to mind for holiday enthusiasts.


6. Olympos / Antalya

Olympos is located in an area belonging to the Bey Mountains National Park. The region with Olympos on one side and ancient Yanartaş on the other, is especially preferred by students. The front part of the national park belongs to the 3.5 km long Çıralı Beach, which is under protection. It is also the spawning area of turtles. The number of camping facilities that offer accommodation with caravans is quite high. In Olympos, you will fully experience history and nature together. The region, which tries to preserve its originality, is one of the most preferred regions for those who love shabby holidays.


7. Kaş / Antalya

If you say, "Crowded places are not my thing, I prefer peace and quiet", Kaş will make your dreams come true. In the Kaş region, which still remains untouched, there are many camping areas that provide accommodation with caravans. Among the options, there are also areas located next to the sea. Electricity and Wi-Fi service are available in the camping areas. In addition, public shower & bathroom and kitchen areas allow you to meet your needs easily. If you are planning a caravan holiday, we recommend that you consider Kaş.


8. Akyaka Forests Camp / Muğla

Akyaka is one of the most calm and tranquil towns in Muğla. You will discover secret paths leading to different bays in the seaside camping area. If you have a caravan holiday idea, it is a place you should certainly add to your route. The location is within walking distance of the Azmak River and Kadın Azmağı. You can be sure that it will be a holiday where you will experience both the vast blues and the tranquility of the forest. We wish you a happy holiday!