The Most Delicious Morning: Van Breakfast

Breakfast is quite important in Turkish culture. A full breakfast, especially with your loved ones, can bring along a deep conversation and make anyone around you happy. In each region of Turkey, there are different types of breakfast specific to that region. Among these, there is a breakfast type that appeals to both the palate and the eye. Van Breakfast offers an unforgettable breakfast experience with its scrumptious and affluent content. Van breakfast is served with local cheese and bread varieties, fresh vegetables, organic honey, and jams, promising a feast of taste that delights the palate. So, where does Van breakfast culture come from? What ingredients are included in the breakfast? Let's discover the unique flavors and cultural importance of Van breakfast together.


From Past to Present: Van Breakfast Culture

The reputation of Van Breakfast has spread from Turkey to all over the world in recent years. However, this breakfast culture actually dates back to ancient times. Especially the location of the city on the Silk Road plays a major role in the formation of the breakfast tradition and the fame of the breakfast culture in Van. Van breakfast culture, which extends from past to present, has developed over time and taken its current form.

Just as there are many breakfast halls serving in Van, businesses serving Van breakfast have begun to increase in big cities as well. We can now see the unforgettable breakfasts made by those who pass by Van in many parts of our country. However, it is quite important to be selective in order to feel the quality of the ingredients that they use.


Things That Make Van Breakfast Special

Van breakfast differs from other breakfast types with some of its features and promises a very different taste experience. One of these features is that the food served for breakfast is completely organic and fresh. Van breakfast culture does not include classic patisseries like poğaça or restaurant products. Lavash bread and Van buns, baked in a stone oven with special methods, are served for breakfast. Herbed cheese, obtained from the milk of animals fed with organic grass in the region, is one of the products that make Van breakfast special. These special flavors are accompanied by fresh tea brewed in a samovar. In addition to tea, milk from sheep and goats fed with local grass is also among the options.

With its affluent menu, Van Breakfast broke the "Most Abundant Breakfast Table" record and entered the Guinness World Record. Today, it continues to maintain its importance as a breakfast that is known and frequently mentioned in many parts of the world.


Affluent Menu of Van Breakfast Offering a Feast of Flavors

Van Breakfast, which has a quite affluent menu, serves 20-30 types of organic and local ingredients, depending on the season. Different types of cheese, especially the famous Van herbed cheese, also take their place on the table for breakfast. Ingredients such as different types of olives, yogurt cream, butterfat and buttermilk are among the indispensable flavors of Van breakfast.

Roasted or sausage egg varieties are also indispensable for Van breakfast. Van honey and organic jams at breakfast add a sweet touch to breakfast. Local flavors of Van, such as kavut, murtuğa and gencirun, are also among the important elements of breakfast tables. Ingredients such as yogurt, tzatziki and piyaz (white bean salad) are added to the Van breakfast in the summer months and honey, molasses, and tahini in the winter months. If you happen to be in Van, the Pearl of the East, you can treat yourself to a breakfast feast by trying these unique flavors.


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