The Most Beautiful Villages of Turkey: 12 Villages You Need to Visit

Any corner of Turkey is worth exploring! These ancient lands, which have welcomed with open arms to countless civilizations for centuries, impressively reflect the striking beauties of mother nature, the footprints of history and the spirit of different cultures. It is necessary to underline the villages with a cute, tranquil ambiance and unique structure within this richness! Here are 12 beautiful villages that you should visit in Turkey!

Indispensable of the Aegean: Şirince Village-İzmir

Şirince, one of the first addresses that come to mind when talking about an Aegean village, has a characteristic structure where Ottoman and Greek architecture are intertwined. Şirince, which has been a settlement center for centuries with its deep-rooted history, has been very popular, especially since the day when the Mayans came to the fore with their signs of apocalypse.


From the UNESCO World Heritage List: Cumalıkızık Village - Bursa

Cumalıkızık Village, one of the most unique examples of Ottoman architecture and which has preserved its original form until today, is located in the Yıldırım district of Bursa. Cumalıkızık Village, which has managed to have its name written on the UNESCO World Heritage List, promises its visitors a time travel in its narrow cobblestone streets.

One of the Most Beautiful Stops of the Black Sea: Yörük Village - Karabük

Yörük Village is almost a miniature of the Safranbolu district! The village, which contains all the characteristic features of the district, is also extremely important as it is a real Turkish-Turkmen village. Yörük Village is among the must-see villages due to its unique houses, natural beauties, and historical traces!


Nature's Green and Peace Are Intertwined: Hamsiköy - Trabzon

Located approximately 50 km away from the center of Trabzon and built at the foothills of the Zigana Mountains, Hamsiköy promises a fascinating atmosphere by generously displaying all shades of green. At the same time, Hamsiköy, which is famous for its rice pudding that spreads throughout Turkey, has recently made a name for itself with nature sports such as mountain biking and trekking.


For Those Who Would Like to Get Enough Oxygen: Adatepe - Çanakkale

Adatepe, which is protected by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, is located in the north of Edremit Bay and on the southwestern slope of the Kaz Mountains. For that reason, Adatepe managed to become one of the addresses with the highest oxygen content not only in Turkey but also in the world. It is possible to encounter traces of Roman, Trojan, Seljuk, and Ottoman civilizations in Adatepe, which also attracts attention with its historical and rich cultural texture.


A Small Peninsula: Gölyazı - Bursa

Gölyazı is a small fishing village that is connected to the land by a thin bridge. This fascinating village, which can be visited in almost half an hour, is also one of the ancient settlements of the Greeks. Therefore, you can visit Greek houses, visit the old village church, and taste scrumptious seafood at fish restaurants in Gölyazı.


A Unique Beauty on the Mediterranean Coast: Kaleköy - Antalya

Kaleköy, which dates back to before Christ, is a village in the Demre district of Antalya. This natural wonder village, located on the Mediterranean coast, fascinates with its historical ruins. It is a unique location for those who would like to take a quiet break by the sea!

A Fairytale Land: Haremtepe (Çeçeva) - Rize

Haremtepe Village in Çayeli district of Rize, which is built on a steep slope, takes on a fascinating atmosphere with its dazzling tea gardens. The village, also known as Çeçeva, hosts approximately 20 households. Thus, it promises its visitors a tranquil atmosphere in nature.

Under the Olive Trees: Zeytinliköy - Çanakkale

Surrounded by olive trees, Zeytinliköy welcomes its visitors in all seasons. However, the history of this old Greek village, which becomes lively, especially in the summer months, dates back to the 16th century. The village, formerly known as Ayatodori, is also important as it is the birthplace of Bartholomew I, the patriarch of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate.


A Pearl in Edremit Bay: Çamlıbel - Balıkesir

Çamlıbel Village, inherited from the Byzantine Period to the present day, is an address dominated by olive trees! The location, which also has a unique view of Edremit Bay, is also known as Tahtaköy because it contains mostly wooden houses. Kaz Mountains National Park is located on the back of the village.

Like an Open-Air Museum: Doğanbey Village - Aydın

Combining Turkish and Greek architecture with a unique charm, Doğanbey Village resembles an open-air museum. Located approximately 30 km away from Söke district in Aydın, the village leans against the Mykale Mountains (Dilek Mountains). With its natural texture, stone houses and narrow streets, Doğanbey Village is a place you can't get enough of!

For Those Who Would Enjoy a Mystical Journey: Uçhisar - Nevşehir

Uçhisar, dominated by a mysterious ambiance, welcomes its visitors on their Cappadocia trip at the beginning of the road. You can have the opportunity to watch the unique view from a bird's eye view from Uçhisar Castle, the highest point of Cappadocia and witness the unique beauties of nature.


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