One of the first options that come to mind when we think of a holiday in our country surrounded by seas on three sides is to go to a holiday resort where we can cool off by swimming in the sea in the summer heat. Especially the Aegean coasts with its among the most enjoyable holiday destinations with their turquoise sea, air that maintains its warmth for most of the year, and historical texture. How would you like to get rid of all the year's tiredness with a beautiful holiday in the Aegean this summer? Then you should examine the clean and pleasant beaches of the Aegean, where you can enjoy the sea and the sun to the fullest.


Ilıca Beach, Çeşme

Ilıca Plajı

Located only 5 kilometers away from Çeşme town center, Ilıca Beach takes its name from the natural thermal springs, some of which are located in the sea. Thanks to its deep blue sea, which is warmer than other beaches, and its mineral-rich healing water, it manages to attract the attention of many visitors from both domestic and overseas. The beach is covered with fine white sand and the fact that the water does not exceed the height of a human being even if you go about 100 meters from the shore makes Ilıca Beach an option that your children can enjoy as well.


Aspat Beach, Bodrum

Aspat Plajı

The sea at Aspat Beach, which Evliya Çelebi mentions with praise in his famous work Seyahatname, is always fresh and cool due to the spring waters pouring into the sea in that region. As the water gradually deepens on Aspat Beach, whose beach is a mixture of fine pebbles and sand, you can have a comfortable time with your children by having sea shoes with you. If you want to enjoy a secluded, peaceful, and safe sea in Bodrum, Aspat Beach can be the ideal choice for you. If you are interested in history, you can examine the ruins of Aspat Castle, which is within walking distance of the beach, and capture magnificent photo frames from the hill where the castle is located.


Palamutbükü Beach, Datça

Palamutbükü Plajı

Palamutbükü Beach, which is the center of attention of local and foreign tourists with its clear waters reminiscent of an aquarium, is located 25 kilometers from Datça town center. Since the water is quite cold, it offers you the cool swimming experience of your dreams on hot summer days. The beach is not preferred by families with small children due to the beach being covered with fine pebbles and the rapid deepening of the sea. If you want to give full justice to the time you will spend at Palamutbükü Beach, you can take your swimming goggles, snorkel, and fins with you in order not to miss the pleasant views you can encounter under the water.


Akyaka Beach, Ula

Akyaka Plajı

Akyaka Beach is located on the shores of the legendary Gökova Bay with its turquoise waters and green nature. It provides a pleasant and safe environment for families who prefer to go on holiday with their children, with its soft sands and sea that do not exceed your height even when you walk almost 200 meters from the beach. The most striking feature of Akyaka Beach is its magnificent sunset views. If you like to watch the sunset against the sea and find peace on summer evenings, you can enjoy a magnificent visual feast at Akyaka Beach.


İçmeler Beach, Marmaris

İçmeler Plajı

The area where Icmeler Beach is located was originally a small fishing town, but it has become quite popular, and it has turned into a favorite spot for tourists over time, thanks to its magnificent nature and its clear waters. The natural areas waiting to be discovered in the frame of the beach invite you to take a nature walk in the early morning and enjoy the views that reveal the harmony of blue and green. You can choose to relax with a swim or to add excitement to your day with various water sports at İçmeler Beach, which has a clean sea of fine sand.


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