The 7 Most Famous Flavors of Van Cuisine!

If we say that it is an ancient city that was the capital of the Urartians with its world-famous cats and legendary lake, Van comes to everyone's mind first. The food of a city with such rich history and natural beauty is just as delicious! Organic butter, tomato paste, and herbs can be cited as elements that give flavor to dishes and make them different from others. If you would like to know many different Van flavors, from rice to pearl mullet, from soup to cold appetizers, you are in the right place!


1. Van's Herbed Pilaf: Çiriş Pilaf

This bulgur pilaf, prepared with çiriş that is specific to Van, is known as one of the most unique flavors of Van. In addition to çiriş, chickpeas, carrots and black pepper are also added. When the satisfying feature of bulgur meets the nutritional and vitamin-rich benefits of çiriş, eating it becomes both enjoyable and healthy.


2. It Is Similar to Ayran Aşı: Kurut Aşı

Kurut Aşı is a soup that is prepared with kurut, a type of dried and fermented yogurt and looks similar to ayran aşı soup. While preparing, add broth, tomato paste, noodles, mint, melted kurut, green lentils, parsley, garlic, and onion. The soup can also be consumed as a main course when its nutritional value is increased.

3. Flavor from Lake Van: Pearl Mullet Prepared on Tandoori

Pearl mullet, which grows in the salty and soda waters of Lake Van, is also known as Van fish. You can add the pearl mullet, cooked slowly in the tandoori, to the delicacies that you can taste in Van with its mouth-watering texture and soft taste. You can eat pearl mullet which has been prepared on tandoori with lemon on the side, along with plenty of salad.


4. Its Taste Has Been Well-Known: Keledoş

The history of Keledoş which is a geographically well-known dish, dates back to the 1800s. Apart from Van, different types are also made in Ağrı, Muş and Bitlis. Keledoş, prepared with small pieces of casseroled meat, chickpeas, green lentils, and wheat, is topped with a sauce that is prepared with various spices.

5. For Those Looking for Light and Cold Appetizers: Spinach Borani

Spinach Borani, which resembles light and cold appetizers of the Mediterranean, is prepared by roasting spinach and onions in olive oil and then mixing them with garlic yogurt. Then, Van-style tomato paste sauce is poured over it and consumed when it's cold. You can prepare this light flavor without any trouble, which is generally consumed in the summer months, at home. Even though it is identified with Hatay, it is one of the most sought-after flavors of Van cuisine.


6. Delicious Meeting of Lentils and Onions: Sengeser

Sengeser, whose main ingredients are onion and green lentils, is one of the best examples of how delicious a meal can be prepared with just a few ingredients! The most important point to consider when preparing this dish is that the onions must be chopped quite thinly. Sengeser dish, flavored with garlic yogurt and sauce, is served after being prepared and garnished with finely chopped parsley.

7. Indispensable for Breakfast: Murtuğa

Murtuğa is known as a food that is frequently consumed especially for breakfast and resembles an omelet. However, when you go to Van, you can see that it is consumed by the local people for dinner in addition to breakfast. The biggest difference that separates Murtuğa which is prepared with organic butter from classic omelets is the addition of flour while preparing it.


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