Summer Flowers to Add Color to Your Garden

On these days when scorching summer days are starting to approach and nature awakens again, it's time to plant summer flowers that will revive the spirit of your garden and create a heavenly garden! Summer flowers offer colors and enchanting scents that transform any outdoor space into natural beauty. Whether you're a pro or a beginner when it comes to gardening, you can easily grow summer flowers that will stimulate your senses and nourish your soul. So how about discovering summer flowers where you can enjoy the beauty of summer to the fullest, strengthen your bond with nature and enjoy the riot of colors?


Indispensable Flower for Gardens in Summer: Hydrangea

Whether in the city or in the garden of a summer house, the hydrangea flower is one of the most preferred flowers in gardens during the summer months. It is an ideal option for almost any garden with its pink and blue flowers, wide leaves, and its huge size. Hydrangea, a perennial flower, is easy to care for as it is not very picky about soil. If the acidity of the soil is high, it will bloom blue, if it is low, pink color will bloom. You should water the hydrangeas, which are resistant to cold, at least once a week in summer with plenty of water.


The Flower That Turns Its Face to The Sun: Sunflower

Yes, you heard it right! Although sunflowers are associated with oil and seeds for many people, sunflowers are one of the flowers that will add beauty to your summer gardens. This flower, which grows between 2-4 meters, adds a warm atmosphere to your garden with its tidy yellow leaves and brownish stem. You should water the soil directly without wetting the flower and stem part of the sunflower, which is not picky about the soil. You can grow them in bright and sunny areas of your garden, as sunflowers follow the sun and turn their faces to the sun all day long.


For Organized Gardens: Cosmos Flower

Those who are looking for an organized garden may prefer the cosmos flower. The cosmos flower comes from the name Kosmos in Greek which means “order”, bringing order and harmony to your garden. Cosmos, which looks like an artificial flower thanks to its symmetrical blooming structure, can also bloom in pink and striped mixed colors, especially yellow and orange. If you would like to create a riot of colors by including different color tones in your garden, the cosmos flower is the right fit for you.


For Those Who Want to Add Decoration to Their Garden: Petunia

Petunias, originally from South America, are preferred for their different color options and they are easy to take care of. Petunias, which can be grown both in the garden and in pots, add a decorative atmosphere to your garden, especially in hanging pots. Petunias, which appear in clusters with their structure hanging down from the pot, can be hung on poles and fences, especially in the garden. The bloom of petunias from summer to autumn makes it one of the most popular flowers of summer.


For Fragrant Gardens: Lavender

Lavender is one of the indispensable flowers of summer gardens. Lavender, whose homeland is Europe, is a perennial and woody plant. Lavender, which can grow even in arid lands, is often preferred because of its fragrant smell and its mosquito-repelling effect. With the lavender you plant in your garden, you can get a postcard that looks just like lavender gardens and when you open your window during summer, you can fill your room with the scent of lavender.


The Flower That Reflects the Heat of Summer Most Beautifully: Salvia Splendens (Blaze of Fire) 

Salvia Splendens, which is the indispensable flower of summer months with its crimson appearance and heat-resistant structure, adds an elegant and vibrant atmosphere to your garden. Called Blaze of Fire due to its red color, Salvia Splendens draws attention with its heart-shaped leaves. You can grow the type of Salvia greggi called Furman’s Red, which grows long and thin, in your garden.


The Flower that Withers in the Morning and Blooms in the Evening: Marvel-of-Peru

Marvel-of-Peru flower withers in the morning and blooms in the evening. Its trumpet-shaped flowers are usually in yellow, pink, and white tones. In some cases, Marvel-of-Peru blossoms multicolored and is a longitudinal plant. You can see the seeds with black buds after shedding their flowers at certain times. Even if the Marvel-of-Peru dries up, it can grow back on its own from the seeds that are scattered around for the next summer. Since it is a sun-loving plant, you should plant the flower taking into account the growing conditions. Watering them 1-2 times a week, you can witness the beauty of the Marvel-of-Peru throughout the summer.


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