Suggestions Full of Opportunities Where You Can Earn Privileges While On Vacation!

In our country where four seasons are experienced, the taste of a holiday is different in every season. Whether it's a long vacation or a getaway for a few days; It can be a great idea to take a second, breathe and collect all the good memories. Everyone needs a wonderfully planned holiday where you avoid all business contacts, fall asleep without setting an alarm, and add delicious discovery points to your route.

Feeling special and getting the best service on holiday is one of the biggest expectations for everyone. At this point, it is very important to seize opportunities that will maximize the pleasure you will get from your holiday, and that will allow you to give full marks for both your trip and your stay. Here are suggestions full of opportunities where you can gain privileges while on vacation!


Earn Extra Miles on Your Travel Tickets

You planned a good vacation, bought your tickets, and in return earned miles that you can use on your next trip. What if we told you that the hotel you will stay in can earn you extra miles? For example, Miles&Smiles members can earn miles for hotel stays in addition to the miles provided by the card on their travels. All you have to do is to accommodate at a hotel that cooperates with Miles&Smiles!

For detailed information on the subject, you can review the campaign conditions of Miles&Smiles and the hotel you plan to stay in. With the miles you will earn, you can buy extra baggage, issue an award ticket, pay a portion of your ticket price and benefit from many more privileges.


You can Have a Pleasant Time with the Concerts and Activities in the Hotels Where You Will Accommodate

Hotels organize events in order to offer pleasant experiences to their guests, especially in periods such as New Year's Eve, holidays, and Valentine's Day. When choosing the hotel you will stay in, you can learn about planned activities, concerts, or events and spend special days much more enjoyable. For example, a sincere and peaceful holiday with your lover or spouse can be topped with a pleasant concert while sipping your drink.


In addition to the days you stay in the accommodation, you can get the opportunity of a gift accommodation!

You have planned a wonderful nature holiday, you will integrate with nature and leave all the troubles behind. You have determined the hotel you will go to and bought your flight tickets. At this point, you should definitely take a look at the accommodation packages of the hotels that will support your budget.


You Can Review The Free Services

You should definitely learn about the free services offered by the hotel you will stay in before you stay. For example, you have planned an elegant dinner or are going to propose, but your clothes may need some ironing. In such cases, what could be better than providing this service for free?

Facilities such as tea and coffee makers in your hotel room and free Wi-Fi options in your room and throughout the hotel can also shed light on your preferences. In addition, if you are going to travel by car, it is also important that the hotel where you will stay should equip your holiday with comfort with free parking and valet services.


You Can Participate in Fun Activities to Help Spice Up Your Holiday

You can make a fresh start to the day with pilates, yoga, and sports training offered free of charge by the hotels. Apart from this, you can experience exciting and pleasant moments with activities such as hiking groups, bicycle tours, jeep safari trips, and ATV riding, which are indispensable for a holiday in nature. You can also experience unforgettable moments with paintball and treasure hunt activities, which are one of the most enjoyable activities of group holidays.

After a mentally and physically relaxing holiday, do not forget to spare more time for yourself and be active in order to continue these pleasant feelings. It may be good for you to plan your days in such a way that you can spend time for good experiences.


You Can Get Many Advantages By Using The Cards That Offer Opportunities For The Accommodation Of The Hotels

Many hotels offer different concepts and packages for their guests. It is useful to find out if the luxury and pleasant hotels that have branches in different cities and that you prefer during your travels have cards that offer in-hotel advantages.

Elite World Hotels & Resorts provides its guests with the opportunity to earn while spending with the Elite World Club service. You can also earn extra points by using the card for your in-hotel expenses during your stay.

You can earn 10 points for 1 TL in your spending. With new memberships, you can get 2500 bonus points. You can make your payment with the points you earn or take advantage of advantageous reward options.

You can visit to apply for a card.


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