Suggestions for a Romantic and Fun Honeymoon

It is the dream of many couples to go on a unique honeymoon after the tiring hustle and bustle of the marriage process. Would you like to experience a magical holiday that will remain in your memories and make your honeymoon unforgettable with enjoyable activities? If your answer is "Yes!", there are many activities that you can do. Here are suggestions for a romantic and fun honeymoon that will be remembered for years.


Join Bicycle Tours Where Romance Is Intertwined with Fun

Which couple wouldn't want to talk about their heart-warming honeymoon memories even years later? You can have a pleasant day on your honeymoon by participating in bicycle tours that combine romance and fun. You can feel the breeze on your skin with the bike that you rent it out and you can race against each other from time to time and have fun with a sweet competition. For this activity, you can choose Büyükada or Burgazada, where you will get lost on the bumpy roads and relieve your tiredness by sipping your coffee that is accompanied by the exquisite Istanbul view.


Do Not Forget to Watch the Sunset

When it comes to romance, it's impossible not to mention the sunset! Every sunset is like looking at a unique painting, different from each other. One of the most poetic ways to top off your gratitude for your closeness is to watch sunsets where the sky turns orange. You can spend a romantic evening with your partner while watching the pinkish clouds pass by in the sky while a meaningful song plays in the background.


Choose Extreme Sports to Experience the Excitement at Its Peak

Want to add some excitement to your honeymoon? If you're an adventurous couple, we have some suggestions that will get your heart pumping. You can try experiences like paragliding, where you can glide in the sky. You can also do bungee jumping and feel the adrenaline of floating in the sky right down to your cells. You can find routes that offer favorable conditions for extreme sports in many cities such as Istanbul, Muğla and Antalya.


Collect Unforgettable Memories by Giving a Chance to Alternative Destinations

If you like to have different experiences, you can turn to alternative destinations to make your honeymoon romantic and fun. You can add excitement to your honeymoon by exploring new places that you and your partner have never been to before. You can add postcard pictures to your album by giving a chance to fascinating destinations with many activities that you can do in summer and winter.

For example, you can visit the most beautiful cities of Eastern Anatolia with the Eastern Express and turn your honeymoon into an unforgettable tour. You can visit historical and tourist places in these fascinating cities, where there are many different activities, you can do in summer and winter.


Have an Unforgettable Honeymoon at Elite World Marmaris and Elite World Van

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