Summer vacation is approaching! While children have a summer vacation at the end of a tiring year, families are looking for many activities to entertain their children. You can find beautiful activities that will allow your children to have a pleasant time in and around Istanbul. With these activities, your children will develop culturally and socially while having fun. We have prepared a guide for you about educational and entertaining activities that will be held in Istanbul and its surroundings in June, for children. Do not miss these activities that will make your children have an unforgettable day! Here is the June 2022 guide for special activities for children, in and around Istanbul…


Miniatürk Events Special for the Little Ones is in Istanbul!

Your children will have an unforgettable day with this event, which is special for people from Istanbul, and those who make a touristic trip to Istanbul. Miniatürk events, which will start on April 29 and continue until June 26, will also be a special activity for children to meet valuable historical artifacts. In addition to meeting the tiny versions of these pieces, your children will have an unforgettable day with fun activities. It will be with each other with many fun and traditional activities, from ballon and puppet shows to dances, from meeting with ventriloquists to various animations and competitions. Workshops that will improve children’s creativity, such as the fish workshop from pipette, marbling workshop, and moneybox making workshops are also among Miniatürk's activities. The events that will take place at Miniatürk will be between 14:00 and 16:00 o’clock.


Do Not Miss the Opportunity to Watch Buffy Cats Live

The world-famous Buffy Cats, beloved by children, are on the Istanbul Fişekhane stage! Altınok Children’s Theater’s new licensed stage show 44 Cats, will turn into an unforgettable memory in the imagination of children with magnificent dances, moving music, and special light effects. Do not miss the opportunity to watch this story live, which tells the adventures of Lampo, Milady, Pilou, Meatballs, and the lovely Grandma Pina(Köfte ve sevimli Büyükanne Pina), who will be live at Patikule! 44 Cats Musical comes together with children on June 5th at 13:00 o’clock.


Family Fun at the Creative Kids Festival

The Creative Children’s Festival, which will take a place between June 4-5 at KüçükÇiftlik Park, promises you an enjoyable family weekend. You will reach the peaks of entertainment throughout the day in the events that will start at 10:00. The event, which will host over 100 events, is also Turkey’s most comprehensive children’s festival. Creative Children’s Festival, in addition to many concerts, where workshops in creative and educational fields such as science, environment, design, and art will be held; It also appeals to parents with interviews by important names such as Sunay Akın, Dr. Özgür Bolat, Şermin Yaşar, Ceyda Düvenci, Prof. Dr. Ayşe Bilge Selçuk, and Prof. Dr. Bedirhan Üstün. Hurry up to participate in this comprehensive festival where your child will learn a lot while having fun!


Cool Down with Frozen in the Heat of June!

Children’s theater Frozen offers a story that will cool children down in the heat of summer. This impressive play will develop the imagination of your children, teaches children the importance of friendship, and instills a love of nature. In the play, which reflects the unique colors of each season, children are told that they should be grateful and respect nature. Frozen, where you will witness impressive acting, music, dance, and entertaining visual shows, will win an indelible place in children’s memories. Based on the fairy tale Snow White, Frozen is available to all children aged 4 and above at Cevahir Sahne from June 18 to July 2.


Fun Holiday Opportunities with Children at Elite World Grand Sapanca!

Elite World Grand Sapanca is waiting for you for a peaceful and fun holiday experience with your children in the lap of nature! At Elite World Grand Sapanca, you can experience fun and peace together in the heart of nature with the activities prepared by the Gymboree Kids Club. Creative workshops such as woodworking, cloth bag painting, jewelry design workshop; Playdough, and sensory games for 1-3-year-olds; You can support your children to spend time with pleasure with ceramic making and stone painting activities for 4-12 age groups. At the Gymboree Kids Club, which will contribute to the development of many senses of children with various games, and fun such as musical instrument making, marbling workshop, mask making, dart and ring throwing games, SPA entertainment, printing works, origami, bird art, door decoration design, and cookie baking.  Kids Club, which also hosts a mini disco, popcorn, and cinema, offers a wonderful holiday for children. You can relieve the tiredness of the year as a family with the events that will take place in Elite World Grand Sapanca’s expert staff and the safe atmosphere that spreads through the forest. While your children are having fun, you can spend a peaceful holiday in the lap of nature by taking advantage of Elite World Grand Sapanca privileges as parents. For detailed information, you can contact Elite World Grand Sapanca


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