Scrumptious Ramadan Menus from Elite World Hotels & Resorts

The month of Ramadan is a sacred time in the Islamic world that is looked forward to every year by those who would like to enjoy spiritual peace. In this month, fasting, which is believed to heal the mind and body, is performed. These days, which represent unity and solidarity, are filled with the pleasure of both sharing and being together.

Elite World Hotels & Resorts offers distinguished tastes to its guests with special menus throughout the month of Ramadan. We are inviting you to full iftar tables where you will experience the spirit of Ramadan at Elite World Hotels & Resorts.

For a wonderful iftar where you will taste the unique flavors of Turkish and Ottoman cuisine, you can experience the à la carte cuisine of Elite World Van and Elite World Grand Sapanca and have your iftar at a festive table with the wide range of set menus of our hotels in different locations. Let's have a look at the iftar options that we have prepared meticulously for our guests together.

Elite World Grand İstanbul Küçükyalı: The Grill İftar Menu

For a wonderful iftar where you will taste the unique flavors of Turkish and Ottoman cuisine, you can choose the menu sets offered at Elite World Van, Elite World Grand Sapanca, or Elite World Grand İstanbul Küçükyalı. Here are the contents of the menus:

  • İftariye Plate: 16 types of iftariye plate, from dates to Antakya-style hummus, from fresh mint haydari to stuffed grape leaves, have been prepared to satisfy your appetite.
  • Soup and Hot Appetizers: The feast of taste continues with the soup of the day and then the hot appetizers are offered in many varieties in three separate menus. You can choose from menu sets that include Antep-style fındık lahmacun, mini pita with butter and pastrami, or içli köfte.
  • Main Course: There are menu sets with chicken shish, Ali Nazik, or hünkârbeğendi options.
  • Desserts: Baked rice pudding with hazelnut, künefe and güllaç with walnut delicacies will add color to iftar tables.


Elite World Grand İstanbul Basın Ekspres: The Grill İftar Menu

The abundance and blessings of iftar tables are waiting for you at Elite World Grand İstanbul Basın Ekspres with its unique atmosphere. Here are the details of the set menu:

  • İftariye Plate: The affluent plate includes 15 types of food, from dates to pastrami, from strained flower honey to manda cream and stuffed grape leaves.
  • Soup: Lentil soup with croutons or yayla soup with manda yogurt and fresh mint.
  • Hot appetizer: İçli köfte with fresh mint yogurt sauce or cheese pastry with dried tomato yogurt sauce.
  • Main Course: Lamb tandoori accompanied with stuffed rice and steamed seasonal vegetables, or hünkarbeğendi served with smoked eggplant, roasted peppers and tomatoes.
  • Dessert: Güllaç flavored with rose water and hazelnuts or sour cherry ekmek kadayıfı served with manda cream.

Elite World İstanbul Taksim: The Brasserie Ramadan Set Menus

If you would like to try wonderful menus that will stimulate your taste buds after a long fast, The Brasserie Ramadan Set Menus are just for you!

  • İftariye Plate: You can find many delicacies, from tahini dates to pastrami, from kaşar cheese to turkey salami, on the plate that contains 14 types of products.
  • Soup and Hot Appetizers: The feast of taste starts with the soup of the day and continues with cheese pastry or vegetable paçanga, depending on the menu that you choose.
  • Main Course: Depending on the menu you prefer, grilled chicken served with grilled tomatoes, peppers, sautéed vegetables, rice and fried potatoes, or lamb tandoori served with grilled tomatoes, peppers, baked potatoes and saray pilavı.
  • Dessert: Depending on your menu selection, you can enjoy the delicious taste of baked rice pudding with hazelnuts or güllaç with walnuts.


Elite World İstanbul Florya: The Grill Ramadan Set Menus

Elite World İstanbul Florya offers distinguished tastes for those who would like to make an iftar plan that stimulates appetite and has plenty of alternatives. You may have a hard time choosing among the affluent set menus that are prepared for people with different tastes at the iftar table!

  • İftariye Plate: There are 14 types of dishes on the plate, which are rich with foods such as dried apricots, cheese varieties, jam, honey, cream, and dates.
  • Soup and Hot Appetizers: The soup of the day is accompanied by içli köfte with fresh yogurt or paçanga pastry, depending on the menu selection.
  • Main Course: In the set menus you can choose according to your taste, you can find eggplant beğendi, hünkarbeğendi served with tomatoes and peppers, or grilled chicken served with buttered pilaf, sautéed seasonal vegetables and mushroom sauce.
  • Dessert: Sour cherry ekmek kadayıfı or pistachio güllaç with lemon ice cream, depending on the set menu you prefer.


You may have a hard time choosing among the iftar menus that offer an extraordinary experience with each taste and you can save the experience of the menus you did not choose for your next visit. You can have completely different experiences at different branches of Elite World Hotels & Resorts and share the blessings of Ramadan with your loved ones.