Questions to Ask Yourself If You Want to Make a Career Change

Careers can be considered as the whole of a person's progress from education to the end of their professional life. Career journeys cultivate differently for every individual. While some people progress very happily in this journey, others can be quite unhappy by taking the wrong path in choosing a school or profession.

Those who cannot find the happiness they seek in university or professional life are still not too late. However, those who want to give a new direction to their career are advised to take an action as soon as possible and choose a path for themselves. When it comes to choosing a path, how a person should choose this path is obscured in some questions they will ask themselves. If you want to take a step on such a journey, you can ask yourself the following questions.


1. What Do I Want?

The first question you should ask yourself when planning a new career should be "What do I want?". Because you're probably not happy in your current career and you don't know exactly what you want at the time, you're currently working in a job you don't want. That's why you have to determine what you want, and which pursuits will make you happy.

If you don't know what you want, you can think of the activities you enjoyed doing the most in your childhood. It is highly likely that the things that made you happy as a child match your interests and even talents.


2. What skills do I have and do my skills match the job I want to do?

When reviewing your career, you should not overlook what skills you have, because hard work is not the only way to be successful at a job. The more skilled you are at your job, the more likely you are to be successful. At this point, you can also evaluate how much you can improve your current skills. However, if you do not have the skills related to the job you want to do, you might want to consider other alternatives.


3. Is the future bright for the profession I want to choose?

When giving a new direction to your current career, you should evaluate how many obstacles are in front of the path you want to choose or how long the road will be. Otherwise, the career journey you are on will not only stop you from developing and getting no results but may also put you further back than your current position. That's why you should follow in the footsteps of things that can make your current version better. At this point, you can research trending professions and have an idea.


4. What training should I take?

While choosing your new career, you should evaluate the extent to which the training you have received and will receive is compatible with the profession you want to do. Factors such as which training are available for the job you want to choose, and what your level of suitability for this training can accelerate and facilitate your career journey. In this case, instead of getting lost in the whirlpool of confusing information, you can take a more professional step for yourself and collaborate with career counselors. In addition, meeting with educational institutions for the training you want to take can also shed light on your career journey.

If you are thinking of making a career change, you can first ask yourself these questions and determine a strategy according to the answers you give. Then you can plan and take action. Remember, it's never too late to innovate in your life.