Pre-Wedding Nutrition Recommendations for Bride and Groom Candidates

After determining your wedding date, a stressful period may begin for you. You can enter a stressful period as well as enjoyable when you are talking about creating the guest list, determining the wedding venue, honeymoon preparations and shopping for wedding dresses and groom suits. It is very important to keep your energy high during this period. What will give you this energy is your nutrition routine! If you determine the right nutrition routine with your future spouse before the wedding, you can both get the energy you need and shine brightly on your wedding day. So, what are the pre-wedding nutritional recommendations for bride and groom candidates? Let's see it together.


Don't Neglect to Drink Plenty of Water

According to studies, women need to drink 2.7 liters of fluid a day, while men need 3.7 liters of fluid. To meet this amount of liquid, you can also benefit from foods with high water content such as cucumber and watermelon. In addition to the liquid you get from food, you should not neglect to drink about 8-12 glasses of water a day.

Water, which removes harmful substances in the body, also helps to reduce water retention. Especially in the premenstrual period, you should drink plenty of water to eliminate swelling and water retention. Water, which provides a feeling of satiety, also supports you in your weight loss process. The miraculous drink of water also helps to preserve the beauty of your skin. If you regularly consume water before the wedding, you will feel more fit, energetic, and comfortable.


Create an Appropriate Diet Program

Before the wedding, you can apply diets or detox waters to control your weight in a short time. In this process, it will be very beneficial for you to determine your diet by taking expert help. You can feel much better on your wedding day with diets that will increase your energy, control your weight, and make you shine brightly with healthy skin.


Consume Quality Protein

In order to cope with the stressful process and intensity you experience before the wedding, you need to eat quality and healthy proteins that will keep you full for a long time. A routine enriched with quality proteins such as eggs, fish, meat, and yogurt will be ideal for you. You should consume foods that will help support your immune system in at least one meal.


Reduce Packaged Food and Sugar Consumption

Packaged foods, which we describe as junk food, are foods with a long shelf life and contain many additives. Consuming too many packaged foods with low nutritional value can cause you to run out of energy in a short time and thus get tired quickly. These foods can also cause unhealthy weight gain.

Meals known as fast food and sugar are also among the foods included in this category. In the pre-wedding period when you need a healthy body and high energy, you should stay away from the trio of fast food, sugar, and packaged food. When you want a snack, you can turn to healthy snacks. You can add healthy snacks such as dried fruits, walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, churchkhela, etc. to your diet.


Get Support from Supplementary Foods

Nowadays, it may not be possible to obtain all the vitamins we need from the foods we eat. In this case, it may be a good idea to get help from nutritional supplements and extra vitamins. Before the wedding, you can go to your doctor to have a blood test and learn what kind of diet you need. You can take supplements that your doctor deems appropriate with your foods, so you can minimize the possibility of encountering problems caused by vitamin and mineral deficiencies.


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