Methods of Breathing Correctly While Exercising

Do you catch your breath while exercising and feel very tired? Do you have problems such as shortness of breath after a workout? These may be signs that you are not breathing properly. Breathing seems to be such a simple act that how you breathe often stays in the background. However, correct breathing methods are among the issues that you should pay attention to, especially when you are exercising. Thus, you can get more efficiency from your exercises. Let's have a look at how you should breathe while exercising and using the correct breathing technique.


Don’t Hold Your Breath

When you have difficulty during your workout, you may find yourself holding your breath. However, holding your breath while working out is a very wrong thing to do. Holding your breath blocks the return of oxygen to the heart, which causes problems such as dizziness and high blood pressure. Correct breathing is one that is taken deeply and for a long period of time. You should be comfortable enough to talk while working out and be careful not to be out of breath while exercising.


Keep a Steady Rhythm

It is important to establish regularity while breathing during your workout. In other words, you should take care to breathe in a steady rhythm while working out. For this, you can listen to your own breathing. Focusing on your breath allows you to keep your breathing rhythm stable after a while.


Breathe The Way You Are Comfortable With

If you are not sure about how to breathe while working out, let's clarify this issue. Although the correct breathing technique varies according to the exercises, the choice is up to you here. You should choose the method that you can breathe easier.

However, sometimes physical problems can occur. If your nostrils are small or your nose is blocked, you may have trouble getting enough oxygen through your nose. In such cases, you can breathe through your mouth. However, it should be noted that breathing through the nose is more effective in stopping airborne pathogens.


Get used to Diaphragmatic Breathing

Although it is possible to talk about many different breathing techniques, our basic breathing is diaphragmatic breathing. When you breathe with this technique, you feel your stomach swell, not your lungs. This is because the diaphragm is engaged. The diaphragm allows you to breathe more deeply and helps more oxygen enter your bloodstream.

You can find out if you are breathing from your diaphragm with a small test. Place your hand in the middle of the abdominal cavity and the rib cage. If the place where you put your hand rises and falls simultaneously as you breathe, it means you are breathing from the diaphragm.


Change Your Breathing According to The Training You Do

Although it may seem quite simple to breathe correctly, you should pay attention to some details while working out. You can breathe out at the points where you have difficulty while exercising and inhale at the points where you feel comfortable. In this way, you can do all the movements more easily.

The way you breathe can change depending on the workouts you do. In weight training, you need to exhale while lifting the weight and inhale as you lower the weight. When you squat, you breathe in as you go down and breathe out when you take a sitting position. This is based on the technique of exhaling when you are strained and breathing in when you are relaxed.

While running, you should breathe through both your nose and mouth. While breathing through the nose is generally not a problem in comfortable-paced runs, it is recommended to breathe through the mouth, not the nose, as the tempo increases. This is because your nose is not getting enough oxygen during brisk runs. In cardio exercises, you should take slow and deep breaths through your nose because your lungs need warm breaths in this exercise.


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