Local Delicacies: Cities in Turkey That Stand Out with Their Cuisine

Turkish cuisine is a unique cuisine that is famous almost all over the world for its special and delicious dishes. Every region of Turkey, from the Aegean Region to the Black Sea, from Central Anatolia to Eastern Anatolia, showcases the local Turkish cuisine at its best with its scrumptious recipes. Some cities that have stood out in the field of gastronomy in recent years do not neglect to offer a special dining experience to local and foreign tourists. Well, how about learning about our cities that stand out in Turkish cuisine with their local flavors? So, let's check out the cities that are frequently mentioned in the gastronomy world together.


The Adress of Baklava: Gaziantep

Located at the junction of the Mediterranean Region and Southeastern Anatolia Region, Gaziantep is among the most famous provinces of Turkey with its unique cuisine. Gaziantep, which was included in UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) in the field of gastronomy in 2015, hosts approximately 300 types of original recipes.

It is possible to say that when Gaziantep is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is the delicious kebab varieties, içli köfte (stuffed meatballs) and baklava. Thousands of local and foreign tourists visit Gaziantep throughout the year to experience this gastronomy tour full of unique tastes.

Its strategic location on the Silk and Spice Trade of the period and its multicultural structure are the basis for Gaziantep having such a rich culinary culture. If you go to Gaziantep, you should try delicious dishes such as eggplant kebab, beyran, küşleme, katmer, yuvalama, roasted chickpea wraps and roasted liver.


A Unique Gastronomy City: Hatay

Hatay, located within the borders of the Mediterranean Region, has brought many flavors to the gastronomy world with its special recipes. Hatay, which stands out especially with its appetizers and main dishes, has a very rich culinary culture with both vegetable and meat recipes. The city, which was included in the UNESCO Creative Cities of Gastronomy list in 2017, stands out as one of the most popular regions with local and foreign tourists.

Recipes such as tepsi kebabı, kağıt kebabı, Antakya döner, fellah meatballs, hummus, spinach borani and kömbe are among the most well-known recipes of the region. Künefe, one of the most special desserts of Antakya, has a special importance as a dessert whose fame has spread almost all over the world. You can experience an unforgettable culinary feast by discovering Hatay cuisine, which attracts attention with both its taste and presentation.


The City Famous for its Sucuk (Sujuk): Afyonkarahisar

Afyonkarahisar, which took a big step in the field of gastronomy by entering the UNESCO Creative Cities Network list in 2019, has been flocked by gastronomy enthusiasts, especially in recent years. Although their sucuk (sujuk), prepared with quality meat and special spices, is known worldwide, the original cuisine of the city is not just limited to this.

Afyonkarahisar, which has an affluent cuisine with a combination of different cultures, is a treasure with its local flavors. Promising a special taste experience, Afyonkarahisar offers its visitors local delicacies such as keşkek, paçık, çullama köfte, zürbiye, bükme, ağzı açık, sakala çarpan çorbası and ilibada dolması. If you happen to visit Afyonkarahisar one day, do not forget to try these unique flavors!


Kebab at its Best: Adana

Adana is one of the prominent cities in Turkey in the field of gastronomy. Located in the Mediterranean Region, Adana is a popular destination for both local and foreign tourists, especially with its kebabs and meat dishes. Recipes such as Adana kebab, lahmacun (Turkish pizza), liver, çiğ köfte (steak tartar a la turca), içli köfte (stuffed meatballs), analı kızlı and garlic peanut meatballs are among the most important flavors of Adana cuisine. Delicacies such as Şırdan, mumbar, Adana style su böreği (pastry with feta cheese filling), bici bici, banana milk, şalgam (turnip) and karakuş dessert are some of the recipes that are famous all over the world. You can also visit the region to try the unique flavors of Adana and taste these delicious foods.


Address of Breakfast: Van

Van, one of the provinces of Eastern Anatolia that hosts scrumptious dishes, makes a name for itself both in our country and worldwide, especially with its breakfast. Van cuisine, which stands out with its meat dishes as well as the famous Van breakfast, has very special local recipes. Local recipes such as Keledoş, Kurdish meatballs, Acem meatballs and sengeser are among the most popular dishes of Van cuisine. We would like to remind you that the pearl mullet, which is caught only in Lake Van, is just as famous in the region. When you come to Van, well-known for its herbed cheese, you can pamper yourself a little by trying these delicacies.


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