Life-Saving Mobile Applications That You Can Use During Business Travels

Do you have difficulty in making good use of your time while running from meeting to meeting or going on business trips? Then we have good news for you! Managing your business travels has now become much easier with today's technology. There are many different mobile applications on smartphones that offer functional features that will make your life easier, especially business travel planning, transportation, budget control and meeting management. Let's have a look at the life-saving mobile applications that you can use during your business trips.


Access Airport Information Anytime You Want: FLIO

Thanks to the FLIO application, you can instantly access the maps or services of dozens of airports. This application also provides users with location information of the nearest ATMs when they need to withdraw money or cafes where they can grab a quick bite. Using the FLIO application, you can track your check-in information easily and find out your flight boarding time.


Managing Your Travel Budget Is Now Quite Easy: SAP Concur

SAP Concur helps you manage your business travel expenses easily in a virtual environment by using the power of cloud technology. This application keeps all the invoices for your restaurant, hotel, and transportation expenses during your trip. All you have to do is take a picture of your invoices and upload it to the application! This way, you can have a report of all your expenses at hand after your business trip ends. If you would like to, you can upload a new invoice and create an expense entry or add more details about your expenses.


No More Getting Lost in the Streets of the City: MAPS.ME

Finding an address in a country or city you have never visited before can be one of the biggest problems that you encounter during your business travels. MAPS.ME, the navigation application preferred by more than 100 million users, now puts an end to all these difficulties.

After downloading the application to your phone and choosing your areas of interest, you will see popular routes that are specific to you. With this application, you can also share location information with your friends by marking the places that you would like to go to on the map. MAPS.ME, which works completely free and offline, will allow you to have a pleasant time on your business trips without worrying about getting lost.


Arrive At Your Destinations Easily: Uber

You may not prefer to rent a car to avoid parking problems in the country that you are traveling for business. Thanks to the Uber application, you can make your transportation faster and more comfortable with a single click. When you use Uber, you can enter your location and destination information. This way you don't have to bother with giving directions! You can also check the remaining distance to the destination with the help of the map in the application. Uber has been operating in Turkey with its UberTaksi service since June 2023. With this application, you can make your payment by credit card and rate the Uber driver at the end of your journey.


Continue to Be Part of Your Team: Asana

Asana application makes it easier to manage your teamwork. With this application, you can review your daily list of important to-dos, create new tasks, and share them with your teammates. Asana, one of the most popular business travel applications, also gives you the opportunity to interact with your colleagues in your team at any time. Thanks to the Asana application, which helps you distribute tasks and plan your work processes easily while you are away, you can fit the office in your pocket and feel like you are in the office while traveling!


Take Notes of Everything That Are Related to Your Work: Evernote 

You can use the Evernote application to create work lists, record audio or take notes during meetings that you attend during your business trips. Thanks to this application, you can record all your business documents and organize them easily. This way, you can keep your notes in one place without having to carry a lot of equipment with you on your travels. Additionally with the synchronization feature of the Evernote application, you can see all the notes that you took on your computer on your phone.


Track Your Money: Xe - Converter & Money Transfer

Xe - Converter & Money Transfer application allows you to transfer money easily in your country for business travel and also allows you to instantly follow the current exchange rates. In the application, you can choose the currency that you would like to and convert it to another currency with no trouble. This way, you don't have to waste your time on the internet to find out the current exchange rates! You can download the Xe - Converter & Money Transfer application from the Google Play Store. This application is available in the App Store as Xe Currency & Send Money.


Discover Places Near You: AroundMe

In a country that you do not know, you might be not sure about where to eat or where to purchase the products that you need. AroundMe can save you from this indecision. The application quickly determines your location and provides information about the nearest hotel, hospital, market, restaurant, bank, cinema, and gas station.


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