As the trees shed their leaves and autumn starts to feel good day by day, Istanbul continues to wreak havoc on the city with live events! The city, which has become a frequent destination for local and international artists in the summer of 2022, does not leave art lovers alone in the autumn either. In October, you will taste the warm works of great names, from the legendary names of British alternative rock, Travis's concert that will wipe the rust of your ears, to traditional theater and film festivals. Let's take a look at what's on in Istanbul this month.


The Legendary Name of British Alternative Rock, Travis, is at Zorlu PSM!


Travis, one of the powerful bands of alternative British rock music, is coming to sing the special edition version of the album, which also includes demos of the album songs, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the album “The Invisible Band”. Travis is preparing to bring its audience together with an exquisite experience with the concert where it will feature hits such as Why Does it Always Rain on Me and Closer. Don't forget to buy your tickets before they run out for the concert that will take place on October 19 at 21:30 at Zorlu PSM Turkcell Stage!


Men I Trust Visits MIX Festival

Zorlu PSM's "Çok sesli festival (polyphonic festival)", the 6th MIX Festival, will be held on October 7-8. It offers the chance to listen to the most popular local and foreign names of electronic, indie, rap, and dance music for two days. Canadian indie band Men I Trust and Can Güngör and The Away Days share the Zorlu PSM Turkcell Stage on October 7 at the festival, which has been eagerly awaited since its program was announced. The program also includes names such as Seda Erciyes/Tuğçe Şenoğul Dj Set, Gülinler, Hedonutopia, and Ceza.


Scandinavian Wind in Istanbul: Kings Of Convenience

Kings Of Convenience

Zorlu PSM is hosting Kings Of Convenience on the Turkcell Stage on September 30 and October 1 as part of its 10th anniversary. The band, created by Norwegian indie folk-pop artists Erlend Øye and Eirik Glambek Bøe, plans to offer their fans a pleasant evening with their 2021 album "Peace or Love". The peaceful vocals of the duo, reminiscent of the tones of Belle and Sebastian, invite you to a magical world at 21.30.


Where Are Those Old Days: The 90s on the Stage!

Salt's "90s on the Stage" exhibition examines the relationship between the stage and performance duo of artistic products that revealed Turkey's cultural presence in the 1990s. The exhibition archive reveals how the stages, venues, and performances have evolved by being influenced by the politics, society, and economic structure of Turkey. The exhibition covers a period from 1988 to the early 2000s. You can include the exhibition, which will run from September 15 to February 2023, in your October program.


Akbank Art | 32nd Jazz Festival Brings The City's Autumn Colors

Akbank Jazz Festival will be held for the 32nd time between September 24 and October 9. The festival, which will be brought together jazz lovers with positive cooperation, hosts valuable local and international artists. The focus of the festival is to allow the audience to witness the dances of the most distinguished names with their instruments! The festival will feature names such as Abdullah Ibrahim, Portico Quartet, Ravi Coltrane, HÜM, and Oded Tzur Quartet.


26th Istanbul Theater Festival is Full Again

26. İstanbul Tiyatro Festivali Yine Dopdolu

Organized for the 26th time this year by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV), the Istanbul Theater Festival opens its curtains to Istanbulites on October 25. Işıl Kasapoğlu, who proudly undertakes the curatorship of the 26th Istanbul Theater Festival, emphasizes that many artists were contacted specifically for the festival. She explains that they are working with great care, that Zülfü Livaneli is writing a theater play for the first time for the festival, that the director of the movie "Bergen" will be directing a play, and that Fazıl Say is composing the music of a play. The play program at the festival, where important names such as Ali Poyrazoğlu and Selçuk Method were invited, is full!

At the festival, 15 new plays from Turkey will be exhibited for the first time, while six productions from France, England, Spain, Italy, and Greece will be screened. Three of the productions that will take place at the festival can be watched by being reflected on the screen. The enthusiasm for the 26th Istanbul Theater Festival spreads to 18 different venues and almost the entire city.


Not Without Filmekimi!

Filmekimi, a must for autumn, will meet with the audience on 7-16 October. The traditional film festival is to be organized by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV) for the 21st time; It includes award-winning productions from Berlin, Cannes, and Venice Film Festivals in its program.

Charlotte Wells' film "Aftersun", which won the Jury Prize at Cannes, is among the highly anticipated productions at Filmekimi with Paul Mescal's performance. In the movie, we watch Mescal, who made a name for himself with the "Normal People" series, portraying a young father who goes on vacation with his daughter in Fethiye.