Istanbul Culture and Art Events: November 2022

Istanbul, the heart of art, where many cultures meet hosts magnificent beauties in November just like any other month. We have compiled for you the cultural and artistic activities that will relax the minds and satisfy the souls that are tired of the chaos of business life or the chaos of school life. Here are the November 2022 Istanbul Culture and Art Events!

1. Richard Theater Play

The famous tragedy Richard, written by Shakespeare inspired by Richard III., and directed by Okan Bayülgen, meet the audience for the first time at the Istanbul Theater Festival. Performed by Kabare Dada, the play features many artists from different disciplines. The play Richard which will be staged at Zorlu Performing Arts on Thursday, November 17th at 20:00 is waiting for you.

2. Memleketimden İnsan Manzaraları (Human Landscapes from My Country) Theater Play

Human Landscapes from My Country, where Nazım Hikmet tells his unforgettable story that started at Haydarpaşa Train Station in 1939, is presented to the audience by the master actor Rutkay Aziz. Many famous names such as Rutkay Aziz, Taner Barlas, Levent Ülgen, and Levend Yılmaz are taking part in the play, which will be staged on November 1 at the Caddebostan Cultural Center Great Hall at 20.30.

3. Şahları da Vururlar (They Shoot the Shahs Too) / In Memory of Ferhan Şensoy

Written by Ferhan Şensoy, the play Şahları da Vururlar(They Shoot The Shahs Too) returns with middle actors in Ses Theater after Şensoy's death. The musical comedy, which was staged for the first time in 1980 and resonated throughout the country; is waiting to meet the audience at the Ses Theater on November 11 at 20:00 and on November 12 at 15:00.

4. Musical Reading of the: An Iliad

An Iliad, written by Alessandro Baricco, interpreted and directed by Selçuk Yöntem; takes the audience right into the middle of the Trojan War. An Iliad, interpreted by Selçuk Yöntem, comes to life again. The pianist Ece Dağıstan Say, who interprets Fazıl Say's compositions, accompanies the story of the Iliad. Sand artist Veysel Çelikdemir also takes part in the piece, which will meet you at Süreyya Opera House on 8 and 9 November at 20:00.

5. Can Bonomo Concert

Can Bonomo, one of the productive and powerful names of Turkish music, is meeting with his fans in Istanbul. Stating that his music genre is between pop rock and rock, the famous singer entertains his audience with his different styles. For an enjoyable night full of music, you can take a look at the concert that will take place on Friday, November 18 at 20.30 at If Performance Hall Beşiktaş.

6. Gökhan Türkmen Concert

Gökhan Türkmen, who succeeded in making his name known to large audiences with his song "Büyük İnsan", is one of the most valuable names in Turkish music. Gökhan Türkmen, who brings unforgettable moments to the audience with his heart-touching lyrics, will meet with his fans on November 5 at 22.30 at Dorock XL Venue Taksim Fitaş Stage.

7. Ahududu Oyunu

Ahududu Oyunu, which brought together famous names such as Suna Keskin, Melek Baykal, Nedim Saban and went down in history as one of the most-played comedy games in the world; It is staged in Istanbul. Ahududu, which appeared before the audience with the new interpretation of Tiyatrokare, is waiting for you on the Trump Stage on Sunday, November 13, at 18.30.

8. Umutsuz Bekleyiş Sergisi (Desperate Waiting Exhibition)

Umutsuz Bekleyiş Sergisi is an exhibition where Ercan Akın shares his travel experiences in Japan and Turkey between 2015 and 2022 and contains the emotional traces of these journeys. The exhibition, which deals with the spaces that witness the life and the loneliness in these spaces, has opened in Bozlu Art Project Mongeri Building. You can visit the exhibition, which reveals personal loneliness, until 5 November.

9. Kıraç Concert

The unforgettable rock singer of the years, owner of Fenerbahçe's famous anthem Kıraç is meeting with his fans in Istanbul. Kıraç, who started to make a name for himself in 2000 with the album Bir Garip Aşk Bestesi, will take the stage at Hayal Kahvesi Atakent on 19 November at 22.00.

10. Evdeki Saat Concert 

One of the favorite music groups of the new generation, Evdeki Saat is one of the rising names of alternative pop. Established in 2014 by Eren Alıcı, Evdeki Saat now has a large audience. Evdeki Saat, which will take the stage at Milyon Performance Hall Istanbul on November 12 at 20:00, is getting ready to meet with its Istanbul fans.

11. Size Anlatacaklarım Var Gösterisi ( I Have Something To Tell You, Show)

Armağan Çağlayan, who has been a television broadcaster for years, is now acclaimed for the programs he broadcasts on digital media; He also puts on a one-man show. Çağlayan's show “Size Anlatacaklarım Var” "I Have Something To Tell You" also reveals the change experienced while building a bridge between Turkey 20 years ago and Turkey today. The show, where the laughter does not stop, offers various surprises to its audience. You can watch the show on November 3  at 20.30 at Beylikdüzü Atatürk Culture and Art Center, on November 4 at 20.30 at Watergarden Performance Center Duru Theater, and on  November 5 at 20.30 KKM Gönül Ülkü and Gazanfer Özcan Stage. 

12. Jazz Company Season Opens in the Heart of the City

At Jazz Company, located in Elite World Istanbul Taksim, city nights full of music and fun begin with unique performances by popular jazz musicians. Kubilay Kan on Friday, November 4, Sevil Esen on Friday, November 11, Anda on Friday, November 18, and Pınar Ünal Trio, consisting of popular names of the jazz scene, on Friday evening, November 25; It is getting ready to meet with classical music lovers at Jazz Company.

You can contact 0212 313 83 17 to get information about the events that will take place every Friday between 22:00 and 01.00 during the month of November; You can feel the sweet breezes of jazz music in the heart of the city.