Art branches inspire us and arouse curiosity and excitement in us; He touches our hearts with his fascinating works. On the other hand, Istanbul is one of the cities where the heart of art beats most strongly. We have compiled the most entertaining cultural and artistic events that you can attend in March in Istanbul. Upcoming workshops, training, shows, concerts for children, youth, and adults, in short, all the activities you can enjoy in Istanbul; In our March 2022 guide.


Those Who Want Homemade Cocktails Raise Your Hands!

Ev Yapımı Kokteyl İsteyenler El Kaldırsın

Do you know that there is a place in Istanbul where you can eat the best quality Italian food and learn how to make it through training? The meeting point of those who love Italian cuisine, Eataly Kitchen Workshop, is getting ready to make delicious cocktails. Cocktail Workshop, organized for those who want to catch good tastes with simple ingredients, can be an excellent after-work activity for you. So we say, don't miss this event that will start on Tuesday, March 1 at 19.00 and will last for 3 hours in total.


How would you like to listen to Frida and Diego's love?

Frida ve Diego’nun Aşkını Dinlemeye Ne Dersiniz

How about listening to Frida's love with photos, impressive music, and a virtual tour of the "Frida Museum"? The world-famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo and her only love Diego have already entered the pages of history as the "Romeo and Juliet of the 20th Century". "First love approached silently like a cat. I neither saw nor heard its coming," says Kahlo's emotional, touching, authentic, and impressive story; You will love it when you listen to it with the fluent narration of Art Historian Atilla Tuna. Don't miss this event that will take place on Wednesday, March 2 at 20.30 on the online platform.


For those looking for a quality and serene evening

Kaliteli ve Dingin Bir Akşam Arayanlara

"It's true I'm on fire." Says Feridun Düzağaç, you will reach the heights of both melancholy and romance, and you will set off to the land of calmness with Hüsnü Arıkan thanks to "A Tramway in Beyoğlu." One of the concerts that best suits the 100% Acoustic series is meeting with music lovers from Istanbul. We say, don't miss this duo that will appeal to both your soul and your ears! The concert will be at KüçükÇiftlik Park on Friday, March 4 at 19.00.


An Epic Symphony Pleasure? Yeah!

Hayko Cepkin (March 4)

A fascinating concert awaits you as part of the Turkcell Platinum Istanbul Night Flight concerts, of which Elite World Hotels is the official accommodation sponsor.

"I'm tired of the mundane activities, looking for a more sophisticated evening." If so, don't forget to buy tickets to An Epic Symphony & Hayko Cepkin concert, which will take place at Volkswagen Arena on March 4. The international award-winning project of Events Across Turkey, which has become a cult, "An Epic Symphony," will continue to meet with art lovers in 2022 as well.


Turkey Tour with Rafadan Crew

How would you like to meet Rafadan Tayfa with your child for a weekend? Rafadan Tayfa, whom children love so much, is coming to Istanbul to talk about our beautiful country! "What would you do if you wanted to tell someone who has never seen our country before?" Those who want to be a partner in the enjoyable adventure of Tayfa, who is looking for an answer to his question, should not neglect to buy their tickets before they run out. The event, which will take place on Saturday, March 5 at Torium Sahne, has two different sessions, 13.00 and 15.00. Let's also add that various surprises await you after the musical.


"The Flower of My Two Eyes" is Coming to Istanbul

How would you like to relieve the week's tiredness with Manuş Baba, one of the famous names of alternative music, at Hayal Kahvesi on Friday, March 11? Book your ticket now if you want to spend a pleasant Friday night with Manuş Baba, who will admire his live performance and energy on the stage.


"Let It Be" with Battery Baby

Founded in Ankara in 1993, Pilli Bebek continues to meet its audience in different cities of Turkey. Therefore, we strongly recommend this concert, where you will find a piece of yourself in both its melodies and lyrics, to melancholic rock lovers. Pilli Bebek will be at KadıköySahne on Friday, March 18 at 21.00.


Who Says No to an Unforgettable Evening with Evgeny Grinko?

Russian musician Evgeny Grinko, who gave fascinating performances when he took the piano, will be in Turkey in March! We suggest that you take your place now for this magical concert where you will travel to different worlds with each melody. Your soul will be filled with the magic of music at Bostancı Show Center on Tuesday, March 22 at 21.00!