It is a good fortune to be living in Istanbul…This world wonder city, which offers a visual feast to its residents with its streets and priceless landscapes, where historical and natural beauties come together, also hosts unforgettable events every month. For this very reason, we have prepared a special guide for the events that will take place in Istanbul in June. Do not forget to mark the events on your calendar to have an unforgettable day full of art. Here is the guidebook to Istanbul Culture and Art Events June 2022…


Season 7 of Istanbul Night Flight Continues

David Helfgott

Famous pianist David Helfgott, whose life full of dramatic events is the subject of the Oscar-winning movie Shine, is in Istanbul! David Helfgott, one of the greatest living piano legends, takes the stage at the 7th Istanbul Night Flight concert organized by Events Across Turkey, of which we are the official accommodation sponsor of Elite World Hotels. Many artists participated in the successful event, which started with the Karsu concert on May 24th. Do not miss the opportunity to listen live to Australian pianist David Helfgott, who will be performing an unforgettable performance on the Harbiye stage on June 4th, 2022!


Here is the place for those who want to greet the arrival of summer with a festive spirit!

Art lovers who want to experience the festival spirit in summer, add music to the trio of sea, sand, and sun. Gezgin Fest(The Passenger Fest), one of the most comprehensive festivals in Turkey, will offer an unforgettable experience to people from Istanbul of all ages at Kilyos Gümüşdere Beach this year as well. Many artists will take the stage at the event, which will take place between 24 to 26 June 2022. Gezgin Fest(The Passenger Fest), where many successful musicians such as Selda Bağcan, Hayko Cepkin, Can Bonomo, Ozbi, Sefo, Motive, Çakal & Reckol, Tuğkan, Deeprise, Eypio, Perdenin Ardındakiler, Retrobüs, Mood Rabbit, Necati ve Saykolar, Attila Volga ve Hedonutopia, will take the stage. Do not forget to reserve your tickets to experience the fun at peaks!


An Artful Event in the Footsteps of Orhan Veli

The impressive performance of the master actor Reha Özcan and the talented pen of the writer Murathan Mungan come together and, the play Bir Garip Orhan Veli emerges which bears traces of the lines of the famous poet Orhan Veli. Orhan Veli’s lines are full of hope, the joy of life, and love for Istanbul, are accompanies this play like a poem. The play, which impresses the audience with a modern interpretation, will perform, directed by  Murat Sarı and Ayşegül Hardern. Bir Garip Orhan Veli play, which should not be missed by those who are looking for an event full of art, awaits you at the Turkcell Platinum Stage on June 17 at 20:30 o’clock.


A Must-See Concert for Metal Music Fans

Metal Müzik Tutkunları İçin Kaçırılmayacak Bir Konser

Dutch symphonic metal band Epica is back in Istanbul for music lovers after 6 years! This world-famous band will storm metal music at KüçükÇiftlik Bahçe, within the wonderful greens of KüçükÇiftlik Park, on June 9th, at 18:30. At the event where you will spend a warm Istanbul evening accompanied by the impressive tones of symphonic metal, Epica will be on the stage with the songs from their new album Omega. Hurry up to catch this opportunity where you can listen to the band’s newest songs live!


A Fairytale Concert Experience for Kids: The Nutcracker and Me(Fındıkkıran ve Ben)

Offering a fun and artistic musical experience, The Nutcracker and Me(Fındıkkıran ve Ben), opens the doors to a fairy-tale world for children. Alexandra Dariescu, who will come to Istanbul with The Nutcracker and Me project as part of the 50th Istanbul Music Festival, will give children over the age of 4, a wonderful day! The artist, who presents a new interpretation of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker story that will bring young audiences together, will take the stage on Saturday, June 11 at 11:00 AM at Atatürk Cultural Center Theater Hall.


Have you ever thought about why poets paint?

Previously exhibited in Antalya Culture and Arts, now meeting with art lovers at Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality(IMM) at Saraçhane Exhibition Hall, the “Why Do Poets Paint?” exhibition, focuses on the drawings of important names in the literary world. In the exhibition, which will be open until June 21, 2022, sketches, drawings, and sculptures of artists such as Nazım Hikmet, Tevfik Fikret, Anita Sezgener, and Metin Altıok, who stand out with their poetic personality as well as their artistic personality, are waiting for their visitors.


An Unforgettable musical enjoyment for children

Peter Pan and Neverland Musical, which was staged specially for the 50th anniversary of Akbank Children’s Theatre, is a version of the famous Peter & Wendy novel. Wendy, Peter Pan, and his guardian fairy, Tinkerbell, are embarks on a journey to an island called Neverland. The adventures they experience on this magical journey promise an unforgettable day for the children, accompanied by a fascinating visual feast and entertaining music. This original interpretation of Peter Pan, directed by Mehmet Ergen, will be at Turkcell Platinum Stage between June 4th and 19th at 15:00 o’clock!


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