Istanbul Culture and Art Events: July 2024

The hot summer energy that you start to feel during July also revitalizes the cultural and artistic events in Istanbul. While outdoor activities are increasing rapidly, festivals with the participation of artists from different cultures and countries also stand out. The month of July, which hosts many different enjoyable events from theater to concerts, from cocktail festivals to exhibitions, turns into a visual and auditory feast. Within the scope of the program that is prepared for art enthusiasts who would like to experience all forms of art, you can come to see the names that you admire and discover different worlds and talents. So, let's check out the full event calendar for July together.


A July Classic: Istanbul Jazz Festival

Istanbul Jazz Festival, which has been bringing jazz music and successful jazz artists to large audiences for many years, is being held for the 31st time this year. The festival aims to make you enjoy the magical and free rhythm of jazz music that is accompanied by master artists. The festival, which will host artists such as Gregory Porter, Chris Isaak, Arlo Parks and Joshua Redman, will also include many other discoveries. Events that offer a unique musical experience to jazz enthusiasts are waiting for you between July 3 to 18 in various venues in Istanbul such as Beylikdüzü Yaşam Vadisi, Rahmi M. Koç Museum and Harbiye Cemil Topuzlu Open Air Theatre.


The Legend of Eclectic Celtic Music: Loreena McKennitt Concert

Famous artist Loreena McKennit, who has sold nearly 20 million albums worldwide, is coming to Türkiye as part of The Mask and Mirror 30th Anniversary Tour. The singer, who has achieved a unique style by successfully blending traditional and modern music, is a versatile music person who has managed to fit titles such as composer, pianist, harpist and vocalist into her career.

You can have a unique experience by listening to the soulful voice and powerful interpretation of the artist, who will meet her fans in Istanbul at the beginning of July, live. After her Izmir and Ankara concerts, Loreena McKennitt will perform her Istanbul concert on Tuesday, July 2, at 21.00 (9:00 pm) at Harbiye Cemil Topuzlu Open Air Theatre.


The Pleasure of Watching Movies Outdoors: A Summer Night Festival

A Summer Night Festival, which brings outdoor cinema, one of the most enjoyable events of the summer months with art lovers, is 7 years old. The airing will be held at Beykoz Kundura aiming to turn the pleasure of cinema into an unforgettable experience which is accompanied by the magnificent atmosphere of the Bosphorus. The airing, which you can attend with your family or friends, also includes live performances this year. You can choose an event that suits your calendar among the events that will be held between July 4 to 20 and be a part of this magical atmosphere.


A Colourful, Delicious and Fun Experience: Istanbul Cocktail Festival

If you enjoy spending time with your friends on a beautiful summer day and discovering new tastes, this event is for you! Istanbul Cocktail Festival, which will be held for the 8th time this year, has the distinction of being the first and only cocktail festival in Turkey. The event, where you will enjoy being in Istanbul while tasting scrumptious and the cocktails that have been prepared meticulously, appeals to both the eye and the palate by bringing different cultures together. In addition to cocktail tasting, various workshops, performances and fun activities are waiting for you within the scope of the festival. The Istanbul Cocktail Festival will be at Istanbul KüçükÇiftlik Park on July 6 and 7! 


Embracing Walls with Art: Le Mur Istanbul

Le Mur Istanbul opens the door to a colorful world where the free spirit of street art is reflected on the walls. The exhibition, waiting to meet art lovers at the Istanbul branch of the French Cultural Center, hosts the works of Leona Rose this season. Traces of different cultures form a holistic artistic language in the artist's works. If you are looking for an alternative program within the scope of cultural and artistic activities, you can include the exhibition, which will continue until September, in your event plan in July.


Master Names of Theater are on Stage: Aydınlıkevler

Aydınlıkevler, a play that brings together two master actors Demet Akbağ and Salih Bademci, meets the audience for the 100th time. The play, written by Yılmaz Erdoğan and directed by Serdar Biliş, tells the story of the relationship of a grandmother who struggled with existence and poverty in the 70s with her grandson and the events they went through. The work, which contains many emotions, also manages to stand out in terms of its technical features. The dynamic scenes, visual innovations and different techniques that were used in the play offer the audience a holistic experience. Aydınlıkevler will be on stage for theater enthusiasts at Maximum Uniq Open Air Theatre on Monday, July 1st at 21.00 (9: 00p.m).