All the organization teams in Istanbul are trying to compete with each other for local and international events. Thus, it manages to appeal to the spirit of art lovers. If you get stirred up when you talk about culture and art, then you are at the right place. Get ready to take the pulse of the city in July with cultural and artistic events with the participation of artists from all over the world.


You’ll Want to Shuttle Between Kadıköy and Moda


Kadıköy-Moda Arasında Mekik Dokumak İsteyeceksiniz


+1'li Gece Gezmesi (+1 Night Out), has become a traditional program for the Istanbul Jazz Festival. Within the scope of the festival, you can choose the program that interests you the most and you can enjoy these fun events that will start at the same time in five different venues between Kadıköy and Moda.

At Moda Stage YIN YIN and Ayyuka, at Dorock XL Deli Bakkal and Hey! Douglas, at Kadıköy Stage Bahr and Cümbüş Cemaat, Ahmet Ali Arslan and Noiserv will perform at the Kadıköy Stage while Simge Pınar and Karakter are performing at The Wall. Don't make any other plans on Friday, July 2 at 20.00!


Attend the Jazz Festival Concert in the Parks

Parklarda Caz Festivali Dinletisine Katılın

Are you ready to participate in the "Jazz in the Parks" series, which will be held free of charge on Monday, July 4 at 18.45 at Şişli Habitat Park, on Tuesday, July 5 at 18:45 at Göztepe Liberty Park, and on Wednesday, July 6 at 18:45 at Küçükçekmece Lakeside Amphitheater? You can listen to the melodies that are coming from the instruments of the New Orleans band called Tuba Skinny in different corners of Istanbul with admiration.


Swallow the Stage Dust Carried from Ankara

Open the pages of the diary of Poprishchin, a small civil servant who destroyed a significant part of his life during the tyranny of Tsar Nicholas I, leading to madness. Witness Erdal Beşikçioğlu's transformation on stage with his play "The Diary of a Madman", which came out of the Tatbikat Stage he founded in Ankara. Immerse yourself in the waves of a clear mind from Don Quixote's duel with the windmill, where you might think you're the king of Spain. Set your clocks to 21.00 and don't miss the performances that will take place at Kadıköy Municipality Selamiçeşme Freedom Park Amphitheater on 1-3 July!


Let the Eurovision Wind Blow at KüçükÇiftlik Park

Måneskin, who achieved international success by winning the 65th Eurovision Song Contest with their song "Zitti E Buoni", are meeting with their fans at KüçükÇiftlik Park. If you are curious about the stage performance of these young and dynamic band members, this concert is just right for you! Don't forget to set your alarms for Sunday, July 24, at 17.00.


Have Fun While Learning


Öğrenirken Eğlenin


Pera Museum Learning Programs welcomes little art lovers in the age group of 7 to 12 between 19 July-7 August 2022. Allow space for the discovery of prying eyes that will not leave the untouched corner of the museum on the "Ve Şimdi İyi Haberler: Nobel Koleksiyonu'ndan Eserler" ("And Now the Good News: Artifacts from the Nobel Collection" ) exhibition tour. Children will both learn and have fun during the exhibition tour, which will be accompanied by a guide.

Children who develop bonds with nearly 300 unique works of 164 artists, from photographs to paintings, from collages to videos; Thanks to the exhibition, they learn to turn their curiosity into creativity. Inspired by the works in the "Ve Şimdi İyi Haberler"("And Now The Good News") exhibition, they participate in activities categorized as "search and find" and "create your own collage" by sharing with their peers. How would you like to raise awareness in the adults of tomorrow who will approach the works of art with sensitivity and protect them with care?


Enjoy Outdoor Cinema at Elite World Sapanca

Elite World Sapanca’da Açık Hava Sinemasının Keyfini Çıkarın

Did you know that you can both find peace in the heart of nature and enjoy the outdoor cinema at Elite World Sapanca? For an outdoor cinema, you can choose Sapanca, where you will feel the unique combination of green and blue. In order to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, you can enjoy a peaceful holiday in touch with nature at Elite World Sapanca, and you can top your holiday with an outdoor cinema experience. You can pamper yourself with various enjoyable movies at the outdoor cinema nights, which are specially organized for children on Friday evenings and for adult guests on Saturday evenings. During your stay, you can experience the excitement of being a part of a unique experience at Elite World Sapanca. You can also contact Elite World Sapanca for detailed information and to make a reservation.

Here is the list of movies that will make you enjoy watching all summer long:

July 2: Rise of the Guardians

July 3: Rome

July 9: The Amazing Spider-Man

July 10: Hustle

July 16: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

July 17: Spiderhead

July 23: Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked

July 24: Tenet

July 30: The Smurfs

July 31: Don't Look Up

August 6: Kung Fu Panda

August 7: Love & Gelato

August 13: Puss in Boots

14 August: The Gentlemen

August 20: Bee Movie

August 21: Remember Us (Bizi Hatırla)

August 27: Madagascar

August 28: Spencer


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