Istanbul Culture and Art Events: January 2024

The taste of the first month of the new year is something else in Istanbul! In January, the month when we say "Hello!" to 2024, Istanbul will be starting the new year with some impressive culture and art events. You can also enjoy Istanbul with activities that will allow you to have a pleasant time in the new year. Here are the Istanbul culture and art events in January that we have prepared for you!


You'll Burst into Laughs at Beşiktaş Cultural Center!

BKM, which hosts hundreds of guests every month, is coming to make people laugh in January. Çok Güzel Hareketler Bunlar 2 and Güldür Güldür Show, which have been making the audience burst into laugh for many seasons, are waiting for you at Beşiktaş Cultural Center in January 2024. Çok Güzel Hareketler Bunlar 2 will be at BKM on January 6, 13, 20 and 27! Güldür Güldür Show invites you to Beşiktaş on January 24 and 31.


For Those Who Love Deep from Their Heart: Duman Concert

The band Duman, which has been producing hit songs for years, continues its limited number of concerts in Istanbul. The famous band is ready to give its fans an unforgettable evening with the concert to be held at Volkswagen Arena. You can purchase your ticket now for the concert at Volkswagen Arena on Saturday, January 13 to go back to the old eras of Turkish rock music and listen to the doyens of rock music!


Tam Yerinden: The History of the Panoramic View of Istanbul

The exhibition titled "Tam Yerinden", meeting art lovers at Pera Museum, allows you to look at Istanbul from a completely different perspective. The exhibition, which aims to reflect Istanbul from its unknown aspects with photographs and panoramic pictures that are taken in different places and times, is curated by Çiğdem Kafescioğlu, Baha Tanman and Mehmet Kentel. You can visit the exhibition, which includes a 19th-century panorama that has never been exhibited anywhere before, until February 26, 2024.


Alice is in Ataköy Wonderland!

Alice in Wonderland, one of the little ones' favorite fairy tales, is brought to the theater stage! To watch the adventures of Alice, who travels to Wonderland by following the white rabbit and to have a pleasant day with your children, book your place now at Ataköy Yunus Emre Cultural Center Müşfik Kenter Stage on January 6, 16.00.


From a Completely Different Perspective: Dansın Ritmi (Rhythm of the Dance)

Dansın Ritmi (Rhythm of the Dance) show, where Ottoman palace dances come together with various local dances, blends the traditional with the contemporary. Modern choreography presented with 360-degree visual effects will fascinate the audience! You can watch the show, which will be staged on many different days in January, at Hodjapasha Culture Centre.


We’re Waiting for Sushi Enthusiasts at the Kitchen: Sushi Workshop

The workshop, where you can learn detailed information about the history and making of sushi, allows you to get to know the Far Eastern cuisine. Sushi Workshop, where you can practice maki making and techniques, accompanying sauce and garnish preparation techniques, presentation techniques, California roll making and many more, will be at Cooking Class Academy on January 5 at 18.00!

How About Doing Yoga with a Bosphorus View?

If you would like to do yoga with the deep blue waters of the Bosphorus, you can attend Vinyasa Yoga classes at Sait Halim Pasha Mansion, one of the rare buildings of the Bosphorus. The event, which will be organized by instructor Duygu Erokan, will be at Sait Halim Pasha Mansion on January 6, at 10.00. You can get away from the stress of daily life with Vinyasa Yoga classes given every Wednesday between 10.00-11.00 in the Harem Garden Hall.


For Those Who Love Improvised Shows: Tolgshow

Actor/comedian Tolga Çevik, who is uniting with the audience after programs such as Komedi Dükkanı, Arkadaşım Hoşgeldin, Müdür Ne’aptın? will be with you this time with Tolgshow! While this special show, which has not been broadcast, will be interactive with the audience, Tolga Çevik will give the audience enjoyable moments with his subtle humor talent. Don't forget to get your tickets before they sell out for the event that will take place on January 4 at Zorlu Performing Arts Turkcell Stage!


Feel Like You Are in Buckingham: English Chamber Orchestra Concert

Presenting the fascinating sounds of the English Chamber Orchestra, İş Sanat offers music-filled moments to art enthusiasts. Music and dance unite in the traditional New Year concert which is held at İş Kuleleri Hall. To experience a colorful night with polkas and waltzes, you can purchase tickets to the event at İş Sanat, which will be held on January 5, at 20.30!


Come Kids, Let's Head to the Theater!

If you would like to have a great day with your children, theater may be a good option for you. The play Sevimli Patiler, which aims to teach many values, especially having a friendship with cats and dogs, a sense of unity and caring for other animals, also stands out with its instructive nature. If you desire your child to learn while having fun, we suggest you not miss out on the play that will take place on January 6 at Kartal Sanat Çevresel Sahne!