Istanbul Culture and Art Events: February 2024

istanbul culture and art events

Cultural and artistic events that will spice up February in Istanbul are in this article! This unique city, which hosts historical and cultural richness, is full of various events in February. Unforgettable events are waiting for those who would like to spend the cold winter days in a warm atmosphere this month. Let's have a look at the cultural and artistic events that should not be missed in Istanbul during February.


Are You Ready to Meet Yusuf Sarıkaya?

Yusuf Sarıkaya is ready to make the audience laugh by interpreting the events in a funny way in his one-man show. The show, where fun and laughter-filled moments come together is waiting for you with stories that will be familiar to all of you. Yusuf Sarıkaya with his hilarious jokes, invites you to his stand-up show at Mekân Sahne Punch Kadıköy on Thursday, February 1, at 20.30.


Come on Kids, Let's Head to the Workshop!

Dear parents and little archaeologists, how about spending the last days of the semester break digging? Sakıp Sabancı Museum organizes an enjoyable and educational event that introduces your children to history. The archaeological excavation activity helps to reveal the interest of children in archeology and history. You can attend the event, which will take place at the museum on Thursday, February 1, at 11:00 with your children between the ages of 5-9.

A Play That Locks the Audience on the Stage with Its Mysterious and Extraordinary Plot: Richard!

Richard III. is an interesting play that was written by William Shakespeare. Okan Bayülgen brings a new interpretation to the play by transforming this Richard into a completely different Richard. In this play, we watch a modern-day Richard rebel against the existing order. The character, who uses every means to take over the management, takes over the director's chair and the role of Richard III. in the theater. Those who would like to watch the game should not make another plan for Friday, February 2 at 21.00!


Darkwave and Synthpop Breeze: Jakuzi Concert!

Dear music lovers, get ready for an unforgettable night! Jakuzi, a Turkish darkwave and synthpop band, is giving a concert that will fascinate you with its great energy and unique stage performance. A night full of unique sound and a fascinating stage performance of Jakuzi is waiting for you at Blind, Beyoğlu's glamorous concert venue. Don't forget to purchase tickets for the concert on Saturday, February 3 at 21.30!


An Unforgettable Night: Selena & Taylor Party at Feraye Nevizade Teras!

Feraye Nevizade Teras opens its doors to you so that you can sing your favorite songs loudly. Get ready to boost your energy with the hit songs of the music icons Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift! If you would like to sing along to the songs of this duo that you are a fan of, you can purchase your ticket right away for Sunday, February 4th at 21.00.


Magic Lovers Meet on February 13: The World of Harry Potter!

Harry Potter lovers are here! Participants who are dressed following the magical atmosphere of Harry Potter, are given a Hogwarts invitation letter and the crest brooch of the school team they would like to join. Those who find the 3 Golden Snitches that are hidden in the venue will be entitled to attend the cocktail party of the team they would like to join, for free. Do not forget to throw your names into the fire goblet and take pictures under the school team flags before the event ends! Hurry up before the tickets run out for this magical event that is waiting for you on Tuesday at 21.00 in Kastel!


Theater of the Old Ones is Back: Tatlım Tatlım!

Haybeden Gerçeküstü Aşk, which has been loved by the audience for many years, is being reshaped by Yılmaz Erdoğan. Tatlım Tatlım is a different adaptation of Haybeden Gerçeküstü Aşk and this time the relationships of two different couples are told. The play humorously tells the audience, the process of these couples, who met at the same party, from beginning to end. Do not miss out on the tickets for the play to be staged in various venues in Istanbul on February 3, 4, 17 and 18!


An Unforgettable Music Journey from Bach to Itrî!

This time, the voices of different cultures come together in the concerts that are organized within the scope of Night Shift. Derinden Gelen Sesler series, whose next stop is the Cistern of Theodosius after the Basilica Cistern, blends the West and the East. The audience will be able to enjoy the pieces of Bach and Itrî, representatives of two different cultures, on the same stage. The concert, which will take place in this unique historical building, will continue to be staged on January 23 and 24 and in February and March. Reserve your place at Cistern of Theodosius on 20, 21, 26 and 27 February at 21.00 for this concert that brings rich notes of music to the audience.


Get Ready for Exciting Dances with Dracula Musical!

You have a new opportunity to watch the journey of Dracula from Transylvania to England, who wants to spread the curse of the immortals with magnificent music! The intriguing story of Dracula meets its fans again in this musical. You can watch the musical on January 29 at Trump Stage, on February 27 at the Mall of Istanbul MOİ Stage and on February 29 at CKM at 20.30. You can purchase your ticket right away to witness the brutal battle of good and evil with exciting music.