İstanbul Culture and Art Events: February 2023

As the new year starts like a bomb, culture, and art activities continue unabated in Turkey's metropolis, İstanbul. In February 2023, as well as January, you can come across beautiful theater plays, exhibitions, and concerts and take a break from the tiring pace of life. Let's take a look at the February 2023 list of İstanbul Culture and Art Events together.


1. Simge Sağın’s Concert

Simge Sağın, who left her mark on pop music with her songs “Aşkın Olayım”, “Öpücem”, “Kısaca”, “Üzülmedin Mi?”, is meeting with her İstanbul fans on February 3. The powerful name of pop music takes the stage at Jolly Joker İstanbul Marina at 21.00. If you desire, you can take a look at the event for a pleasant evening.


2. Melek Mosso Concert

Melek Mosso, one of the most popular female pop artists of recent years, receives a thumbs up from the audience with her wonderful stage performance. Mosso, who made a name for herself in the music market with her own works after making the cover song “Vursalar Ölemem”, is waiting for you at Jolly Joker İstanbul Marina on February 4th.


3. Alice The Musical

Alice The Musical, which has made a name for itself with its strong cast, receives a thumbs up from the audience. Serdar Biliş is the director of Alice The Musical, which brings together famous names such as İbrahim Selim, Şükrü Özyıldız, Serenay Sarıkaya, Ezgi Mola, Enis Arıkan, and Merve Dizdar. You can watch Alice The Musical, which received the "Haldun Dormen Special Award" at the 23rd Afife Theater Awards, on February 11 at Zorlu PSM at 21.00.


4. Notes from the Underground Theather Play

Notes from the Underground, one of the exquisite scripts that Dostoyevsky brought to literature, comes to life on the theater stage. The work, which tells the story of a man who never leaves his home and suffers from the pain of existence, will drag you into deep thoughts. On February 3 and February 17, you can watch the play called Notes from the Underground at Kılçık Mekan.


5. Mabel Matiz Concert

Mabel Matiz, who has turned the lists upside down with the “Antidepresan” piece they recently released with Mert Demir, is meeting with his fans on February 17th. You can listen to Mabel Matiz, who won the admiration of his fans with songs such as “Karakol”, “Öyle Kolaysa”, “Gel”, and ”Hanfendi”, live at Volkswagen Arena on the evening of 17 February.


6. Murat Arık Portraits Photography Exhibition

"Murat Arık Portraits Photograph Exhibition", which includes many famous names such as Selim Bayraktar, Haluk Bilginer, İsmail Hacıoğlu, Ece Üner, Ebru Helvacıoğlu, Ceren Benderlioğlu, invites you to a wonderful journey. You should definitely visit the exhibition that awaits art lovers at Emaar Arthub between January 15 and February 5.


7. Kalben Concert

Kalben, who will warm the chill weather of February with her countenance, is meeting with her fans from İstanbul. You can reserve your place at Dorock XL Venüs Fitaş Stage Taksim on February 24 to listen to Kalben and sing along to her songs.


8. "Bir Ters Bir Düz" 1Duvar Exhibition

You can visit Lütfü's 1Duvar exhibition titled "Bir Ters Bir Düz". The exhibition, which will meet with art lovers between January 14 and February 14, will be presented at Büyükdere35 Art Gallery.


9. Emre Aydın Concert

Emre Aydın, the naïve voice of love songs, has been keeping his place in the industry for years. Emre Aydın, who conquered hearts with his unforgettable words "Hoşça kal, olacaklar sensiz olsun", "Kim dokunduysa sana ona git" and many other unforgettable words, is meeting with İstanbulites. The famous name, who gained acclaim with his stage, will take the stage at Jolly Joker Vadistanbul on February 10.


10. Yaşar Concert

Yaşar, the legend of Turkish pop, is meeting with İstanbulites. You can reserve your place now at If Performance Hall Beşiktaş on February 4th to listen to Yaşar, whose songs are legendary.


11. İki Bekar Theather Play

The play İki Bekar, which features Evrim Alasya and Emre Kınay in the leading roles, is being staged under the direction of Emre Kınay. The story of two people who fell victim to the matchmaking of their friends is told in the play İki Bekar, the music of which was made by famous names such as Gökhan Türkmen, Keremcem, and Gökhan Tepe. You can watch the play, which is waiting for you at Watergarden Performance Duru Ataşehir on February 25, at Ataköy Yunus Emre Cultural Center Müşfik Kenter Stage on February 23.


12. Süt Kardeşler Theater Play

The Süt Kardeşler Musical, staged by Süheyl and Behzat Uygur Theater, will take you on a nostalgic journey. You can watch the play, which includes names such as Nurten İnan, Deniz Pulaş, Süheyl and Behzat Uygur brothers, Ömer Yılmaz, Hakan Eke, Mesut Yılmaz, Lidya Ersemiz, on February 8 at the Kadıköy Public Education Center. For those who missed it, the play will also be exhibited on February 11 at the Caddebostan Cultural Center Great Hall.


The Blast of Jazz Continues at Elite World İstanbul Taksim

Jazz Company, located in Elite World İstanbul Taksim, continues city nights full of music and entertainment, where valuable names of jazz music will take the stage.

On February 3, the Flues band, comprising Asena Akan on vocals, Tanju Eren on electric guitar, Güven İlter on an electronic keyboard, and Bilge Candan on drums, will interpret popular songs with jazz, rock, and blues rhythms.

While Jazz Company will host Sevil Esen, who blends her repertoire of Turkish songs with jazz melodies, on February 10, Şafak Yaprak will take the stage with the concept of "Jazz in Love- Standards and More". Şafak Yaprak will be accompanied by Baki Duyarlar on the piano.

On February 24, Kubilay Kan, who has been followed with interest by jazz music lovers, will perform the last concert of a month full of music at Jazz Company.

You can contact +90212 313 83 17 to get information about the events that will take place between 22.00 - 01.00; You can feel the sweet breezes of jazz music in the city's heart.