Istanbul Culture and Art Events: December 2022

If you live in Istanbul or travel to this city often, you are very fortunate because you can often benefit from the city's cultural and artistic activities. On these days when you can enjoy the calm flow of life in your cozy homes, you are invited by the December culture and arts calendar to take away the city. Let's take a look at the cultural and art events that will take place in Istanbul in the last month of the year.


Award-Winning Films to be Released

“The Future Movies” category, which we look forward to being published every month by Başka Sinema, does not disappoint this month either. "Stars at Noon", which won an award from the Cannes Film Festival, focuses on the life of the poet and writer named Denis Johnson during the civil war in Nicaragua. The production, which is a romantic action movie, meets its audience in Turkey on 23 December.

Corsage, which won an award for Vicky Krieps at Cannes with her performance as Elisabeth, Duchess of Bavaria, reveals the handicaps of a female executive. The Corsage is a 113-minute drama film about the moments when Elisabeth is crushed in her metaphorical corset and she breaks the glass bell jar drawn on her. You can watch Corsage starting December 16.


Remembering the Past: Special Screenings

The 1967 film "Altın Çocuk Beyrut'ta" ("The Golden Child in Beyrut"), directed by Ertem Göreç, is meeting with the audience in Beykoz Kundura. Trying to undermine the drug trade between Beyrut and Istanbul, Altın Çocuk (The Golden Boy) disguises himself and infiltrates a criminal organization with bad intentions. The event, which will take place on December 18 at 15.00, also provides the opportunity to watch the second movie of the Altın Çocuk series free of charge. It is recommended that the audience register for the event, as the number of seats is limited.


Guest Corner: Guest Theater Plays

The one-act play called "Harika Şeyler Listesi" ("The Wonderful Things List"), in which Bora Akkaş becomes a giant on the stage, begins with a list that a child finds worth holding on to life after learning that his mother has been hospitalized. When his mother loses faith in life, we watch him carefully craft a list of "ice cream, water fights, and being allowed to pass the bedtime and watch TV late." The play, directed by Lerzan Pamir, will be staged on 25 December at 17.00 at Beykoz Kundura.

Other plays to be staged at Beykoz Kundura in the December calendar are as follows:

●Kalabalık Duası (Prayer of the Crowd) on December 4, 17:00 | Fiziksel Tiyatro Araştırmaları

●December 11, 17.00 Istırap Korosu (Chorus of Suffering) | Bam Istanbul

●Altın Elma (Golden Apple) on December 18, 17:00 | Olası "İşler" (Possible "Jobs")

The plays, each of which will be performed in one act, are waiting for the audience with their legendary cast. Don't miss these events that will be exhibited in one of the most beautiful stages of the city!


From Seven to Seventy: Children's Ballets

The "Ballet Tales" series, choreographed by Tan Sağtürk and Gizem Bodur, is staged with inspiration from Tan Sağtürk's "Ada Ballet Show". Children's ballets staged with a special compilation of Tchaikovsky's ballet music, meet the audience with the performances of child artists. Among the 52 child artists is the ballerina Polen Gezmiş, who won awards from abroad. The show, which will take place on December 25 at 11.30 am, will be staged at the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall. Get your seat before tickets run out!


Powerful Voices Across the World

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall continues to host dozens of events and artists! It first hosts Carminho, then Tunisian-American singer Emel Mathlouthi and then Dominic Miller.

The legendary voice of Spain, Carminho, is coming to Istanbul to perform at the Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall on December 2. Carminho, who blends the Fado tradition with jazz, pop, and rock tones by taking her hand from her family; With her melancholic voice, she will give Istanbulites an unforgettable evening.

We host Emel Mathlouthi, whose performance of "Kelmti Horra" went viral among the protesters during the Tunisian Revolution in 2011, in Istanbul. Carrying the notes of peace to the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony in 2016, "The Voice of the Arab Spring" will meet its audience from Istanbul on Saturday, December 3 at 20:00.

Guitarist Dominic Miller, who has been among the unforgettable names in all of Sting's albums and tours since 1990, is coming to Istanbul for the first time in his career. Apart from Sting's band, Miller has released 10 studio albums in his 27-year solo career, bringing together folk, rock, pop, Latin, jazz, and contemporary music genres.

Accompanied by Jacob Karlzon on piano and key instruments, Nicolas Fiszman on bass guitar, and Ziv Ravitz on drums; They are getting ready to rock the music world with their legendary tone on Friday, December 16th at 20:00.


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