Istanbul Culture and Art Events: April 2024

Spring becomes more beautiful with the magnificent cultural and artistic events in Istanbul! During April, when the spring season gradually starts showing, Istanbul hosts these special events once again. A full event program is waiting for those who would like to welcome spring with unforgettable concerts, theater, and dance shows! Here are some events that will take place in Istanbul during April.


A Real Festival of Art: Kel Diva

Kel Diva, which tells the story of an evening in the living room of a British bourgeois family furnished with English sofas, meets its audience at Caddebostan Cultural Center on April 23-24. Muharrem Özcan is the director of the play, in which Eugéne Lonesco blends abstraction and absurdism magnificently. The leading roles of Kel Diva are shared by master artists Zuhal Olcay and Haluk Bilginer.


A Unique Music Feast with Ezginin Günlüğü!

The music group Ezginin Günlüğü, founded in Istanbul in 1982, has been followed with great interest and admiration by music enthusiasts since the day they had their first concert. The group, which is considered one of the best representatives of protest music in Turkey, composed the poems of many important poets, especially Nazım Hikmet and Orhan Veli. Ezginin Günlüğü will meet its fans with its unique music on April 3 at 20.30 at Trump Stage.


Feel the "Dansın Ritmi"

The dance show called Dansın Ritmi blends Ottoman Palace dances and local dances of Anatolia, oriental dances and rhythm shows, by presenting them with a modern choreography. This dance show takes the audience on a historical journey with its fascinating visual effects and wonderful costumes. The show starts with the Ottoman Palace dance, continues with the Zeybek dances of the Aegean Region, and ends with the Oriental Show accompanied by Solo Darbuka. Dansın Ritmi will be on the Hodjapasha Performance and Event Center Stage throughout April.


A Thought-Provoking Theater Play: Ötedekiler

Ötedekiler is about the last dinner a family ever had and how their table was destroyed by the sudden outbreak of war. The subtext of the play deals with the feeling of being the other in the middle of the war, helplessness, uniting and resisting. The play, which aims to engrave the concepts of identity and cultural research in the minds of the audience, is written and directed by Nazlı Başaran. The theater play, featuring talented actors such as Aşemez Pihava, Burak Kumaş, Çağatay Koç, Hibla Atan and Pelin Habiçoğlu, will give theater enthusiasts an unforgettable day on April 2 at Kadıköy Eğitim Sahnesi.


A Musical You'll Never Forget: Çiftler, Çiftler

Tanju and Hülya, who cannot see each other because they are constantly working to pay the installments of the house, they bought with a mortgage loan and three more couples, each of whom has a different world and a different story within themselves... Çiftler, Çiftler is a musical cabaret about the unique stories of four couples who are completely different from each other.

The play, written and directed by Burçhan Göze and in which he also starred with Özge Günay Göze, was deemed worthy of the Best Musical Performance Female and Best Musical Performance Male awards by the 2023 Yeni Tiyatro Dergisi Emek ve Başarı Ödülleri. Çiftler, Çiftler will unite with their audience on Wednesday, April 3 at 20.30 at Yunus Emre Kültür Merkezi Turhan Tuzcu Sahnesi.


Get Ready for a Jazz Storm with Salman Gambarov!

Composer, pianist, and arranger Salman Gambarov, one of the important representatives of contemporary Azerbaijani jazz, will give his first concert in Turkey at the Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall! Salman Gambarov is bringing his affluent repertoire project Bakustik Jazz, which has reached many music enthusiasts for years, to Istanbul. On this special night, Gambarov will be accompanied by Azeri pop singer İlhama Gasımova, Şenova Ülker on trumpet and Cenk Erdoğan on fretless guitar and yaylı tambur. You will enjoy every minute of the concert, which will take place on Friday, April 5 at 20.30.


Melek Mosso Concert for Those Who Can Never Get Enough of Music

Successful singer Melek Mosso, who has been at the top of the music lists for a while with her hit songs, is preparing to enchant her fans with the concert she will give at Jolly Joker Vadistanbul. If you would like to experience a night where you will enjoy music with Melek Mosso to the fullest, reserve your place right away for the concert on Wednesday, April 10 at 21.00!


An Immortal Work: The Fool of Politeness

Adapted from Moliere's unforgettable work, The Fool of Politeness, the play which carries the same name as the book has been meeting its audience on stage since 2008. The play is about the goal of Monsieur Jourdain, an ignorant but very rich man living in France in the 17th century, to become a nobleman and the ridiculous situations he falls into while trying to achieve this goal. Do not miss out on The Fool of Politeness, which will be on stage at the Hilltown Seyirlik Stage on Thursday, April 18th at 20.30!