Living in beautiful Istanbul is a great blessing, not to mention spending a pleasant time with activities that will energize you. Dance show, a concert of your favorite artist, stand-up, or a small workshop… The Istanbul Culture and Art Events April 2022 Guide with activities that can make Istanbulites of all ages and tastes happy!


How would you like to feel the Anatolian Fire to your bones?

If you haven't had the chance to watch Fire of Anatolia, which has performed in nearly 50 countries since 2001, live, you should dedicate the first day of the month to this legendary stage show. Creating a dance portrait that gives messages of universal peace by synthesizing eastern and western cultures; You will love the modern feast that combines folk dance with ballet, contemporary dance, and other dance disciplines. Fire of Anatolia will meet with art lovers on Friday, April 1 at 20.30 at the Mall of Istanbul MOİ Stage.


Everyone's "I Didn't Call Today, But He Knows Me." She Has Someone To Say

Pinhani is meeting with his fans on the stage of Dorock XL Kadıköy on Friday, April 1 at 21.30. We recommend that those who have not heard Pinhani live yet go to this concert, those who have been to a Pinhani show before have already bought their tickets! He will also be amazed by the performance of Sinan Kaynakçı, who can play many musical instruments, especially percussion, strung, and wind instruments; You will spend a pleasant evening with Pinhani's music to soothe your soul.


Tapas? I'll Take One!


Can anyone say no to tapas, the delicious snack of Spanish cuisine? So, would you like to make this delightful dish yourself? Your answer is "Yes!" You are invited to the International Service and Taste Academy on Saturday, April 2 at 17.00. After the workshop, which will last for 3 hours, you can cheer up your tables with tapas. So, please reserve your spot for the workshop before it's too late!


For Those Who Want to Relieve Stress After Work

We have a tremendous after-work activity for you. How about relieving your work stress with a laugh? Then reward yourself and set aside your Thursday night for an enjoyable program. Beyoğlu Standup Night is waiting for you at Kadıköy Motto Stage on Thursday, April 7, at 20.30.


Calm Friday, Enjoyable Concert

How would you like to spend a gloomy but enjoyable evening with Cihan Mürtezaoğlu, the beloved name of alternative music? Those who want a quiet evening on the last working day of the week and those who say, "Oh, I said, if my heart could get rid of its knot, let it be a fire and fall..." are invited to The Wall Saloon & Performance on Friday, April 15 at 20.30, get your tickets before they run out!


Do You Know The Milky Way?

The story of two free spirits, directed and played by Cem Davran and Hakan Gerçek, "Do You Know the Milky Way?" Are you ready to travel to different worlds with you? Everywhere in the world, there is always a war among people. In this theater, you will witness the journey of two souls lost in one of those wars toward their stars. "Do You Know The Milky Way?" The play is waiting for you at Profilo Cultural Center West Main Stage on Saturday, April 16 at 21.00.


Are You Ready to Put All Relationships on the Table?

The Comedy of Relations, identified with My Love Kapşmak, will meet with Istanbulites on April 17 on the stage of Dada Salon Kabarett. The show, where you will find a piece of yourself and your relationships in each episode, will make you laugh and think a bit. However, although a thoughtful day may be waiting for you after this show, where everything about relationships is handled with transparency, we will give you our warning!


Are you ready for Paskayla's Special Chocolate Workshop?

Elite World İstanbul

Elite World Istanbul, located in Taksim, the city's heart, is getting ready to add flavor to your day with the Chocolate Workshop special for Easter. At the Chocolate Workshop that will take place on Saturday, April 16, An enjoyable event awaits you where you can experience chocolate melting, tempering, mold shaping, decoration techniques, and taste delicious Coffee Break treats.

The cost of the event, which will consist of 10 or 12 participants, will be 350 TL. For detailed information about the workshop and to make a reservation, you can call 0537 745 00 59.


Little Chefs at Elite World Istanbul

Elite World Istanbul offers an event that minor chef candidates will love: Pizza Workshop special for April 23, National Sovereignty, and Children's Day.

This workshop, which invites the little chefs of the future to have fun and learn while having fun, can be an enjoyable weekend activity for your children. At the event to be held on Saturday, April 23, for the little ones; Training will be given on pizza dough making, fermentation and rolling, tomato sauce making and spreading technique on dough, cheese grating and spreading on pizza dough, pizza cooking technique.

The cost of the event, which will consist of 10 or 12 participants, will be 240 TL. For detailed information about the workshop and to make a reservation, you can call 0212 313 83 07.