Istanbul is the city that has the most options for cultural and artistic activities in Turkey. With the arrival of autumn in the city, the culture and art agenda became even more colorful. Outdoor activities that ended with the summer gave way to exhibitions, theaters, shows, and concerts. Art in November is something else in Istanbul, which excites art lovers every season of the year. November's Istanbul art events guide for those who want to mingle the best times of autumn with culture and art...


All the Babies of the World are in this Exhibition!


Undoubtedly, exhibitions are the apple of the eye of Istanbul art events. In November, there are many exhibitions in Istanbul, but this exhibition is extraordinary because it will take you back to your childhood. Rahmi Koç Museum presents the World Dolls Exhibition! The exhibition, which tells dolls' journey from ancient times to the present, hosts many dolls worldwide. The founder of the museum, Rahmi Koç, pioneered the realization of this fascinating exhibition. You can see this unique selection at the museum building located in Hasköy during visiting hours during November.


Atatürk Cultural Center Opens with Chris Botti!


Atatürk Cultural Center, an essential part of Istanbul art events, will be opened to the service of art lovers on October 29. During November, a series of cultural and art events will be held unique to the opening. In this context, Chris Botti, one of the most famous jazz artists in America, will give a concert with his band as part of the opening events of Atatürk Cultural Center. In addition, Grammy award-winning jazz trumpeter will meet with art lovers at Atatürk Cultural Center Opera Hall in Taksim on November 2.


Everyone will be full of music with MIX Festival!

MIX Festivali]

The MIX music festival, which will take place for the fifth time on November 5-6, will also host different voices this year. The festival will take place at Zorlu Performing Arts Center. At the event, Oh! Kosmos, the famous pop-rock duo AaRON, electronic music artist Cihangir Aslan, Belgian artist Claire Laffut, COMA, electronic rock band Goose, Gaye Su Akyol, Nova Norda, Jacuzzi, and many more will take the stage for two days.


Istanbul Theater Festival Will Fill the City with Theater!

İstanbul Tiyatro Festivali

Organized for the 25th time by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts, the Istanbul Theater Festival will occur between October 22 and November 20 this year. The festival, which includes physical productions, online screenings, children's games, cinema screenings, panels, and interviews that can be attended free of charge, will meet with the audience for a month. In addition, more than ten domestic productions will make their first screenings at the festival, including national and international exhibitions.


Anadolu Ateşi Will Burn at the Bostancı Show Center!

Anadolu Ateşi

Anadolu Ateşi, which has performed unique shows in many countries since 2001, will take the stage on November 18 at the Bostancı Show Center. Inspired by the deep-rooted history of Anatolia, the Anadolu Ateşi Dance Ensemble is preparing for a show that will fascinate art lovers with more than 3000 dance figures from many different regions.


Okan Bayülgen's Harem Cabaret is in Kadıköy!

Okan Bayülgen'den Harem Kabare

The theater plays Harem Kabare, written and directed by Okan Bayülgen and in the cast, will meet with theater lovers on November 5 at Kadıköy Public Education Center. Dance performances will also occur in the play, in which Melda Gür, Award Turan, Selin Atasoy, Merve Sevi, and Kayra Ural act.


"Trees Die Standing" with Nevra Serezli!

Ağaçlar Ayakta Ölür

Returning to the stage after 11 years, veteran actress Nevra Serezli takes part in the cast, Trees Die Standing (Ağaçlar Ayakta Ölür) will be staged at Kadıköy Public Education Center on November 7. Written right after the civil war in Spain, the play is among the world classics. The play, which focuses on the concepts of goodness and love, was previously staged in the state theater. Master player Nuri Gökaşan also took part in the game, which brought Nevra Serezli seven awards.


Unhappy Party at DasDas!

Mutsuz Parti

Concerts with the concept of the unhappy party organized by Büyük Ev Ablukada continue at DasDas this year. The band, which owns popular songs such as Hoşçakal Kadar, Güneş Yerinde ve En Güzel Yerinde Evin, will meet with their fans on November 20. The band, which has attracted attention with their latest album Fırtınayt, will chat with their fans and sing popular songs.


Tolgshow is coming to Zorlu!


Famous actor Tolga Çevik will meet with his fans at Zorlu Performance Arts Center on November 16 as part of the Turkey tour of the classic improvisation game Tolgshow. The entertaining show, in which successful actor and showman Tolga Çevik will be accompanied by the well-known director Fırat Parlak and musician Özer Atik, will continue to make people laugh with the character of "My Friend."