Opening up to the world with art rather than staying at home during the winter months is more interesting for many art lovers. Organizations that nourish the soul, such as concerts, theaters, and exhibitions, can effectively get away from stress. Istanbul comes to mind with many different activities for the arts organization. Many activities, from theater to concerts, online shows to exhibitions, await art lovers in different corners of Istanbul.

Many art events are planned in Istanbul in January. Let's take a look at the January Istanbul art guide together.


Afife Jale

Afife Jale

Art lovers get to know Afife Jale, who went down in history as the first Turkish actress to take the stage in Turkish theatre. Muslim women were forbidden to appear on the stage during their lifetime, but Afife's dream was to become a theater actress. Here you can watch the play, which tells this unique life story, on stage with Aslı Iktu's outstanding performance. You can attend this event online from the comfort of your home, with the contributions of THINK House, on January 1–2.


Fatih Erkoç & Istanbul Superband

You can use jazz music as your first concert choice in January. Fatih Erkoç, who is well known to the older generation, and Istanbul Superband, which modernizes traditional Big Bang music, are together! In this concert, you can dance and listen to the most famous pieces of American jazz music. If you want to watch Fatih Erkoç and Istanbul Superband together, take note of January 6! The performance presented at Maximum Uniq Hall promises a beautiful experience for jazz lovers.


From Istanbul to Byzantium: Paths of Rediscovery, 1800–1955

Yeniden Keşfin Yolları

Istanbul and Byzantium are essentially inseparable. The reason is that the Byzantine Empire held Istanbul as the capital for a long time. Paths of Rediscovery is a historical exhibition where you can find archaeological artifacts and archives from the Byzantine period in Istanbul. This selection, which you can visit at Pera Museum with the contributions of Istanbul Research Institute, is an excellent opportunity for history buffs!


Love and Comedy with Nilgün Belgün

Nilgün Belgün ile Aşk ve Komedi

If you like musicals, you shouldn't miss this entertaining show written by Nilgün Belgün, inspired by her own life, and directed by Serkan Budak. You can watch this piece, which makes you cry from time to time and laugh from time to time, based on the memories of Nilgün Belgün, at Beşiktaş Akatlar Cultural Center on January 7.


Füsun Onur: Opus II–Fantasia

Füsun Onur Opus II–Fantasia

January will be brisk for exhibition lovers. The works of Füsun Onur, one of the important names of contemporary art, are among the exhibitions you should see. His installation, which he created using references from music, will meet art lovers at Arter Art Gallery throughout January. This exhibition, especially contemporary art followers, should not miss, will continue until February 20.




You will watch many famous and successful actors on stage in January. However, we think you'll want to see the cast of Amadeus, which consists of names such as Selçuk Method, Okan Bayülgen, and Özlem Öçalmaz. Written by Peter Shaffer, Amadeus brings the contentious story of famous composers Mozart and Antonia Salieri. You can watch this play at Zorlu Stage on 8, 9, 10, 29, 30, and 31 January.




It is impossible not to miss being in the concert area and singing the songs together. Unfortunately, we have had to stay away from this excitement a little recently. In January 2022, you can go out for a bit and watch an artist like Sıla, who impresses with her performance, on stage. Sıla is meeting with her fans at Zorlu Sahnesi on January 15 with her songs. With her extraordinary voice and magnificent stage performance, the Sıla concert should be on your agenda!


Skin, Body, Me

There is another exhibition that strict art followers cannot miss: Skin, Body, Me. Ipek Duben's show, followed closely by art lovers, is among the things you should not miss this month. The new collection of İpek Duben, who produces works on contemporary issues such as immigration, consumption, gender, and male violence, conveys her experience of more than 40 years. You can visit this exhibition at Salt Beyoğlu until April 3, 2022.


King Lear

Kral Lear

King Lear, which was watched with great interest last season, will meet its audience in the new season. It can be a wonderful experience to watch successful actors like Haluk Bilginer, Berfu Öngören, and Hare Sürel on stage. The famous tragedy of William Shakespeare, which tells the story of King Lear and his daughters, is among the plays that should not be missed. Those who want to see the work put on stage by Muharrem Özcan with his interpretation can take their place at Caddebostan Cultural Center on January 12.


Lahza & Kenan Doğulu

Lahza & Kenan Doğulu

Kenan Doğulu; is very popular with its entertaining, somewhat retro, somewhat sad and dance performances. You can watch a different Kenan Doğulu interpretation with the Lahza group founded by Cenk Erdoğan and Mehmet İkiz. Those who do not want to miss this concert, where they will interpret the most known songs as a jazz trio and present you a unique performance, can take note of the date of January 28. The concert is on the stage of Maximum Uniq Hall!