Happy Tourism Week! 10 Route Suggestions to Visit in Our Country During Tourism Week

In our country, which is home to many historical and natural beauties, Tourism Week is celebrated every year between April 15 and 22. Tourism Week aims to raise tourism awareness in society, revitalize domestic tourism and promote our cultural values.

You can also celebrate Tourism Week by visiting historical places and natural beauties in Turkey. There are many different places you can visit in our country, where every point resembles heaven. We have compiled 10 beautiful routes for you that you can visit in our country during the tourism week. 


1. From Ancient Times to the Present: Ephesus Ancient City - İzmir

The Ancient City of Ephesus, located in Selçuk, has hosted many different civilizations throughout history as it has fertile lands. This ancient city, which has the Temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the world, within its borders, is one of the places frequented by both local and foreign tourists. During your trip, you can also visit the House of the Virgin Mary, which is only 9 kilometers away from the ancient city.


2. A Unique Beauty: Cappadocia - Nevşehir

How about going on a Cappadocia tour where you can encounter traces of many different cultures? You can start your Cappadocia trip, famous for its fascinating atmosphere and legendary beauty, from Göreme. You can enjoy this tour by joining the balloon tour and watching the dazzling, unique beauty of the fairy chimneys.

If you wish, you can change your route to Ürgüp, another historical region in Cappadocia, where you can see the Three Beauties and Asmalı Konak. While you are in Cappadocia, you can also stop by Aksaray and visit Ihlara Valley, one of the largest canyons in the world.


3. On the Steep Rocks: Sümela Monastery - Trabzon

Are you ready to go on a journey where nature and history intertwine? Sümela Monastery, located in Maçka, the pearl of the Black Sea region, fascinates everyone who sees it with its unique view and imposing structure. Built 1150 meters above the sea, this magnificent 6-storey monastery is accessed via a narrow staircase of 100 steps. Although visiting the Sümela Monastery is tiring, when you see the paintings and frescoes inside the monastery, you will say, "It was definitely worth it!"


4. Cradle of Civilization: Göbeklitepe - Şanlıurfa

Göbeklitepe, one of the most important cultural heritages of our country and recorded on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is a unique location for those who would like to travel back thousands of years. Göbeklitepe, one of the most important discoveries in the history of archaeology, is both one of the oldest historical structures and the first center of worship.

To feel the spirit of Göbeklitepe and witness the past, you can plan a nice trip where you can visit every inch of the region. If you would like to learn more about Göbeklitepe, you can also visit the Şanlıurfa Museum, which has the title of the largest museum complex in Turkey.


5. A White Wonder of Nature: Travertines of Pamukkale  - Denizli

Travertines of Pamukkale, which hosts thousands of local and foreign tourists every year, is a natural wonder consisting of spring waters containing carbonate minerals. Travertines of Pamukkale, which resemble pure white cotton, stand out in health tourism with their unique beauty as well as thermal waters that are beneficial to health. We recommend that you add this unique natural wonder to your list of places to visit in Turkey.


6. A Unique Architecture: Safranbolu - Karabük

Safranbolu, one of the places where Ottoman architecture is best preserved, resembles a city of fairy tales with its beautiful wooden houses. You can visit Safranbolu for a completely different travel experience that is serene, peaceful, and full of history. Safranbolu, in addition to its natural and historical beauties, also has a quite abundant food culture.

Local delicacies of Safranbolu include many different options such as sini çöreği, göbü, bükme, ekşili kelle, delioğlan sarığı, oklava dolaması and çingene baklavası. When you visit Safranbolu, do not leave without seeing the historical houses and tasting different flavors!


7. The Most Beautiful Meeting of Blue and Green: Ölüdeniz - Muğla

Ölüdeniz is among the most beautiful holiday locations in both Turkey and the world with its natural beauties and endless deep blue sea. You can feel like you are living in the peaceful atmosphere of Ölüdeniz, which has a calming effect, and you can say "Goodbye!" to stress while watching its clear waters. When you go to Ölüdeniz, you can also visit Butterfly Valley, which you can reach by boat. If you wish, you can visit Marmaris, which will fascinate you with its unique nature and enjoy spring among the unique shades of green and blue.


8. A Riot of Colors: Yedigöller - Bolu

Yedigöller fascinates those who see it with its abundant plant diversity and unique scenery that brings together the most beautiful colors of autumn. Yedigöller promises an unforgettable holiday experience, especially for nature lovers. You can camp there to see the magnificent natural beauties of Yedigöller up close and open your eyes to a pleasant morning.


9. Favorite of Eastern Anatolia: Lake Van - Van

There are many beauties you should see in Van, which fascinates with its cultural heritage and local texture. One of the leading ones is Lake Van. Lake Van, the largest lake in our country, contains three islands. The most famous of these is Akdamar Island.

When you see the church on the island, whose construction dates back to 915-921, you may feel like you have taken a short journey into the past. Additionally, The Monastery of Varagavank, Seven Churches, Van Castle and Muradiye Waterfall are some of the places you should certainly visit.


10. The Apple of Turkey's Eye: Istanbul

Words are not enough to describe Istanbul! Each corner of this ancient city, which has been the subject of fairy tales, books, and poems, has witnessed a different historical event. The list of places to visit in Istanbul is quite long but you can first start visiting Taksim, the heart of Istanbul. After exploring Taksim, you can make your day beautiful with great tastes and fun activities at Elite World İstanbul Taksim.

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