While the hearts are beating with excitement towards 2020, Elite World Hotels prepares New Year programs full of surprises for their guests with the best startings of the year!

In the New Year programs prepared by Elite World Hotels; you can enjoy your music while your children can have fun with their peers, there are also special ball programs for your children. In addition to the New Year's gala programs, there are optional accommodation packages for those who wish to greet the first morning of 2020 at Elite World with a delicious breakfast.

Read our article to make an excellent start to 2020 with your loved ones with the enthusiastic melodies of music and to learn about Elite World's New Year programs!

Here are the details of New Year's programs at Elite World Sapanca Convention & Wellness Resort is located in the heart of nature, Elite World Asia Hotel in Kucukyali, Elite World İstanbul Hotel in Taksim, Elite World Europe Hotel on the Basin Express Street and Elite World Van Hotel in Van where you can enjoy rich menu contents and live music with unlimited local drinks…


Diva of Turkish Art Music is at Elite World Sapanca Convention & Wellness Resort!

Reflecting the experience and glitter of the Elite World Hotel chain, Elite World Sapanca Convention & Wellness Resort expects its guests in the heart of nature for an excellent music feast!

Bülent Ersoy, the Diva in of Turkish art music, will be performing at Elite World Sapanca Convention & Wellness Resort on December 31st. Bülent Ersoy, who touches the everybody's hearts with her powerful voice and interprets love, melancholy and enthusiasm in the most original way, will enchant her enthusiasts and leave an unforgettable mark on New Year's Eve. On this special night, Bülent Ersoy will be accompanied by Ozan Çolakoğlu, the successful producer and arranger of Turkish pop music, with his live stage project Ozan Çolakoğlu Orchestra.

*Elite World Sapanca Convention & Wellness Resort's price per person for New Year's party starts from 950 TL, while accommodation alternatives start from 2500 TL.

*Prices for New Year's program without accommodation are for one person, and VAT is included. New Year's gala menu, unlimited local drinks, New Year's Soup are included in our prices.

*Persons aged 12 and over are only allowed to the ballroom; our ball price is the same as the adult fare. Children under 12 years of age can only be admitted to the children's ball.

*The price is 250 TL for Children's Ball. The program is free for the first child aged 0-6 years. Price per person is 250 TL for second child between 0-6 years and children between 7-12 years. Children's Ball programs are available in the children's ballroom.

*Accommodation package prices are for two people, and VAT is included in the prices. The price difference for the third person aged 12 and over is 1000 TL. Accommodation packages include 1-night accommodation, New Year's gala menu, unlimited local drinks, New Year's soup, and the next day brunch.

* Package prices with accommodation are only valid for stays on December 31st 2019.

You can call 0264 415 11 11 (12-13) and send an e-mail to to make a reservation and get detailed information about our packages with and without accommodation.

For buying: An Unforgettable New Years Eve With a Great Diva

Address: Neighbourhood of Göl, Koşuyolu Road, No: 71, Sapanca / Sakarya – Turkey


An Unforgettable New Year's Eve At Elite World Asia Hotel!

At Elite World Asia Hotel in Küçükyalı, Soner Olgun, the successful name of folk music and Suzan Kardeş, the beloved voice of Balkan folk songs, will present a unique music entertainment to the fans with their own interpretations. Besides, the oriental show, which is a must for New Year's Eve, will give its guests unique moments.

Elite World Asia Hotel, which overlooking the Prince's islands and the sea; The New Year's Eve party will be held with unlimited local drinks. While gala dinner prices without accommodation start from 650 TL, accommodation alternatives start from 2080 TL per person. 

The price per person for Children's Ball is 100 TL. (Children 4 years and older will be accepted.)

* Accommodation packages include brunch.

You can call 0216 458 90 19 or 0534 597 48 50 and send an e-mail to for detailed information about our reservations and packages.

For buying:  New Years Eve With Soner Olgun and Suzan Kardes

Address: Inönü Road, No: 22, Kucukyali, Maltepe / Istanbul - Turkey


Welcome to the New Year with Mustafa Keser!

On the New Year's Eve, the artist Mustafa Keser will meet his fans with his spectacular stage performance at Elite World Europe Hotel, located on Basin Express Street. In the Elite World Europe Hotel, which will welcome its guests with the concept of Casino Night, the entertainment will continue with the oriental show, live orchestra and DJ music. New Year gala dinner prices at Elite World Europe Hotel start from 500 TL, while accommodation alternatives for two people start from 1550 TL.

You are invited to the Elite World Europe Hotel to enjoy an exquisite menu with unlimited local drinks and to have an evening full of fun on New Year's Eve.

* Accommodation packages include brunch.

You can call 0212 404 05 20 or 0538 574 83 19 and send an e-mail to for detailed information about our reservations and packages.

For buying:  Welcome The New Year With Mustafa Keser

Address: Basin Express Road, No: 4 - 34303, Halkali, Kucukcekmece / Istanbul - Turkey


Ilham Gencer on Jazz Company Stage in New Year!

amous jazz singer İlham Gencer promises you a fun-filled New Year's Eve at the Jazz Company with his special repertoire for the New Year!
Jazz Company, located in Taksim, the center of attraction of music and entertainment, invites you to enjoy jazz music and entertainment with the special performance of Ilham Gencer on New Year's Eve. New Year's Eve price per person starts from 299 TL.

You can reach detailed information about the New Year program to be held at the Jazz Company by calling 0212 313 83 14 and sending an e-mail to

Address: Şehit Muhtar Road, No: 42 - 34435, Taksim / Istanbul - Turkey


Entertainment Time with Şoreş Devrim Açıkgöz at Elite World Van Hotel!

In the Elite World Van Hotel, a fun-filled New Year's program that will be performed by Devrim Açıkgöz, known as Şoreş, is waiting for you. Book your place to meet the New Year with the live performance of Devrim Açıkgöz, who brings life to folk songs with his powerful voice and successful interpretations.

Elite World Van Hotel New Year's Eve gala dinner prices starting from 290 TL, accommodation alternatives are starting from 470 TL.

Elite World Van Hotel's New Year's menu includes the starter plate of the year, pancakes with spinach mushrooms, raw meatballs with spread, turkey tandoori, fruit spread to tables, chestnut parfait, tripe or lentil soup.

* The price per person for Children's Ball is 100 TL including VAT.

You can call 0432 484 11 11 and send an e-mail to for New Year's reservations and accommodation package details at Elite World Van Hotel.

Address: Neighbourhood of Bahçivan, Kazım Karabekir Road, No: 67, Van - Turkey