Elite World Hotels & Resorts is Bringing in a Distinctly New Perspective to the Tourism Sector with 4 New Brands

Offering comfort, elegance and hospitality, Elite World Hotels & Resorts is now getting set to share its 46 years of experience with investors. Highlighting Turkey’s Tourism assets as the most significant mission by bounding strong local expertise and new generation perspective by these 4 new brands. Elite World Hotels & Resorts is on the way to become an international brand as well, soon.

Reflecting Turkish hospitality in a contemporary conceptualization, Elite World Hotels & Resorts blends the most meticulously designed new generation hotels with up to date trends and the state of the art technology. All without compromising quality in any way and welcoming guests to a world full of delight.

Elite World Hotels & Resorts serving guests and business partners in 8 hotels for more than 46 years, now aims to share its expertise in hospitality with investors, as it channels its experience into creating gainful opportunities.

In line with its new strategy, Elite World Hotels & Resorts has begun to work on various franchise management and administration models for the tourism sector, creating 4 new brands that will strengthen the presence of Turkish investors in the industry.


Emel Elik Bezaroğlu: “We are on the way to becoming an international hotel chain.”

Elite World Hotels & Resorts Board Member in Charge of Marketing, Emel Elik Bezaroğlu, said that as Elite World Hotels & Resorts, they had been providing the tourism sector with a new perspective in the last five decates. Remarking that offering guests the best comfort feeling of ‘home’ and high-quality services, Emel Elik Bezaroğlu continued, “We have become the first hotel brand to be accepted into the TURQUALITY Brand Sponsorship Program as a reflection of our efforts in meeting our country’s goals and preserving the interests of the tourism industry.

We have just signed our names to an important “first” in the sector. As the Elite World brand, we are taking strong and determined steps toward becoming an international hotel chain.

At the same time, we are increasing our investments to sustain the quality of our services and bolster our achievements, as we seek to carry our presence in the sector to the highest level.

The secret in our success is our belief in our country. And of course, the work we have done. For us, it is not only important to give our guests high quality service but also to provide them with a unique experience. The Elite World Family’s philosophy is based on consistently enriching the hotel guest experience. We are constantly improving ourselves in this area.”


Orkun Petekçi: “Our aim is to reach 40 hotels by 2030.”

Elite World Hotels & Resorts COO Orkun Petekçi said the following as he spoke of the 4 new brands that had been developed to serve four different segments–economy, midscale, upper scale and luxury–in the effort to provide the tourism sector with a different perspective: “As Elite World Hotels & Resorts, we will be creating new opportunities for our investors by launching our 4 new brands in line with our strategy of providing franchising and management operation models. Our strategic plan in this context is to reach 40 hotels by 2030. Our new generation perspective is to combine our local expertise with Turkey’s local and national assets as part of our mission to bring our sector to the highest levels. With our conceptualization of unmatchable quality and service, up until now Elite World has provided guests with an extraordinary experience and will continue to do so.”

Elite World Hotels & Resorts aims expand by offering franchises in the 7 regions of Turkey and abroad.


4 New Brands That Will Change the Dynamics of the Tourism Sector


Operating in Istanbul Basın Ekspres, Küçükyalı and Sapanca, Elite World Grand is changing the dynamics in the sector by providing convention areas that can best meet the needs of the business world and congress tourism and offer the most suitable solutions. The Elite World Grand brand, positioned in the higher upscale segment, provides guests with luxury, comfort, and an extraordinary service quality. Elite World Grand offers modern travellers with not just a product, but also an authentic experience that has been inspired by the local culture.

The goal of Elite World Grand is to expand its presence in the metropolises with hotels designed to reflect our understanding of hospitality and our approach to quality. Our SPA, which harbors many “firsts” in Turkey, offers guests the best in wellness services, while it reconstructs the concepts of healthy living and perceptions of luxury.



Located at Istanbul Taksim, Istanbul Florya, Van and Marmaris, Elite World presents guests with a unique experience with its restaurants and healthy living concepts. The Elite World brand offers investors high flexibility in its hotel construction and transformation projects, presenting a portfolio of exclusively designed upper segment hotels. Elite World positions itself at the most advantageous locations where guests will know they are receiving the best service.



The new brand of the Elite World Group, Elite World Comfy, takes its place in the midscale segment and is made up of smart buildings located in the heart of the city, embodying a contemporary concept, and presenting a new generation of modern, family-friendly, midscale segment hotels. Elite World Comfy offers an investment opportunity for a price-competitive lifestyle-centered, uniquely designed modern aesthetic. The pre-selected and ready-to-implement modern architectural design package that Elite World Comfy offers cuts project development time in half for investors.



Developed for the economy segment, Elite World Go designed to provide a comfortable and stylish, smart hotel that is affordable at reasonable prices. Decorated in warm colors, Elite World Go is wrapped in the comfort of home. Elite World Go offers workable investment and management costs, together with a short turnaround on investment.


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