The holiday is a good opportunity to get together with your family and your loved ones, as well as to make pleasant holiday plans, especially when the weather is nice. Although the purpose of planned holidays is to relieve your tiredness, if you are going on a vacation with your children while your children are still young, you may be worried about finding yourself not rested at all, or even more tired when you return from your vacation. However, it is possible to prepare an enjoyable plan where your children can have fun and you can relax by choosing the right destination for the holidays where you will go out with your children by making the necessary preparations. If you are planning to go on a vacation with your children during the holiday, you can review these recommendations that will allow you to accumulate good memories as a family.


Share Your Vacation Plans with Your Children

Çocuklarınızla Tatil Planlarınızı Paylaşın

If your children are old enough to understand what you are saying, you can see the great benefits of talking to your children about where you are going and the joyful activities you will do during the holiday. Thus, you can ensure that your child will welcome the experience even more with a positive attitude and be in a pleasant and exciting mood before your trip.


Avoid Trips That Are Taking Too Long

While planning your holiday, whether you are traveling by plane or by car, the fact that your destination can be reached within a maximum of 3-4 hours can give you a better holiday experience. Since children generally do not like to be inactive for long periods of time, your children may get bored and suffocate during the trips that last for hours. Also, trying to keep them entertained during a long trip can give you a rough start to your vacation.


Bring Along the Items That Your Children Will Enjoy

Even if your destination is a comfortable hotel, your children may have difficulty adapting to staying outside of your home. You can bring your child's favorite toy, book, or an easy-to-carry object such as a blanket with you on vacation to get through the adaptation process faster and to relax your child.


Choose Destinations Where You Can Spend Time in Nature

Doğada Vakit Geçirebileceğiniz Destinasyonlar Seçin

If you are looking for an alternative that will satisfy your child's endless energy and curiosity and entertain them abundantly, you can choose a holiday destination where you can be intertwined with nature. While spending time with your children in nature, discovering the world through their eyes can be a wonderful experience for you.


Try to Stick to Your Child's Daily Routine

While adults tolerate changes in their routines more easily, this can be a challenging experience for children. Since going on a vacation will inevitably change your child's daily routine, you may find your child in an uneasy mood contrary to what you expect. Continuing your child's basic routines such as eating and sleeping during a vacation can play a key role in making them feel safer and happier.


Choose a Hotel with Child-friendly Activities

It is also very important to take your time for yourself during the vacation so that you can feel relaxed and rested when you return from your vacation. In a hotel that offers a choice full of activities for your children to attend, you can have moments where you can spend time comfortably and have an actual rest while your children have a blast.


You Can Have a Pleasant Holiday Experience at Elite World Grand Sapanca the Way It Is Appealing to Both You and Your Children

Elite World Sapanca’da Hem Size Hem Çocuklarınıza Hitap Eden Keyifli Bir Bayram Tatili Deneyimi Yaşayın

Elite World Grand Sapanca, in cooperation with Gymboree, which has been continuing its activities in Turkey for 17 years, offers very enjoyable activities for your children to learn while having fun during your holiday. Your children can participate in these activities at no charge during their stay at the hotel. Activities at Gymboree-Kids Club are carefully planned by considering the needs of the age groups to which the children belong. While your children between the ages of 1-3 strengthen their imagination and coordination with sensory games and play dough activities, your children in the age group of 4-12 develop their hand skills and meet new hobbies with stone painting and ceramic making activities.

Apart from these, interesting workshops such as musical instrument making, cloth bag painting, marbling, door decoration design, origami, pizza, and cake baking; darts and ring toss games, popcorn, and

fun organizations such as enjoyment of the cinema and mini disco are among the many enjoyable activities waiting for your children at Elite World Sapanca Kids Club. In addition to these, thanks to the magnificent location of the hotel close to Sapanca Lake and intertwined with nature, the treasure hunt and forest activities are specially planned for children, allowing your children to explore nature safely and freely, while also preparing an environment for their love for nature to consolidate.

You will also have plenty of time to spare for yourself, knowing that your children are having a good time with these fun activities. To make the most of this time, you can plan a day to pamper yourself at Fit Life SPA & Wellness. By experiencing healthy life and healthy detox rituals, you can get rid of all of your tiredness with the comfort of nature while getting away from the stress of daily life.

If you are dreaming of a holiday in touch with nature, where you can have fun and relax with your children this holiday, you can get detailed information from Elite World Grand Sapanca's website and make your holiday reservation.


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