When we say abdominal muscles, many of us think of a beautiful appearance. Of course, a lean and muscular abdomen allows you to have a beautiful appearance. In fact, the abdominal muscles have many more important functions besides this aesthetic appearance. The abdominal area is located at the center of our body. We benefit from this area in every way, both while sitting and standing. Doing abdominal exercises ensures that the waist area, hip, abdominal and pelvic muscles work in harmony. In this way, back pain and sagging can be prevented and body posture can be corrected. At the same time, we become stronger and more balanced, and we perform the exercises more effectively. So, when and how should we work out for a lean or muscular abdomen? Let's have a look at this topic in detail!


Should You Exercise in the Morning on an Empty Stomach or When You’re Full?

Many experts express various opinions on exercising on an empty stomach. So, is it really beneficial to exercise on an empty stomach? Exercising on an empty stomach or when you are full has different benefits in itself. Therefore, we can draw conclusions by comparing both cases. Let's start with fat burning.

When we exercise while fasting, our blood sugar drops rapidly. After blood sugar drops rapidly, either proteins or fats are used as energy sources. If there is no physical or mental stress, the body slowly starts to use the fat in the abdominal area or general body fat as an energy source. However, it should not be forgotten that at this stage the body is focused on fast energy sources. The body can use fast-burning proteins as an energy source instead of slow-burning fat. In other words, it can draw proteins from the muscle as an energy source. This causes muscle breakdown. However, when you exercise on a full stomach, the body will start to burn the things that it has stored in both aspects. In this way, there will be no protein withdrawal from the muscle and fat burning will be limited.

However, when it comes to cardio exercises, that is, light and short exercises, you can be on an empty stomach. This is because energy needs are not urgent during light cardio-type exercises. Because in this type of exercise, our body allows metabolism since the need for energy is not urgent. This means that fat burning comes to the fore. However, there is a need to be full during heavy and long resistance exercises.

As a result, exercising or doing cardio on an empty stomach in the morning has visible effects on fat burning. In this way, you can enter a healthy weight loss process. However, if intense physical and emotional stress is experienced here, something may be wrong. On the other hand, if you do intense exercises, if performance is very important to you and if you do not want to lose excessive muscle, it is of great importance to work out with a full stomach.


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