Benefits of Swimming for Our Joints

When we are overwhelmed by the summer heat, we immediately think of running to cool waters. We get calm and have fun with the pleasure of swimming in the pool or in the sea. The best thing about it is that we get to exercise while swimming!

Swimming is one of the most enjoyable sports branches that support body development and health holistically. With its relaxing and refreshing effect, it provides great advantages to both our physical and psychological health. It is also frequently preferred due to its positive effects on our joints. So, what effect does swimming have on our joints?


1. May Increase Flexibility of Joints

Your muscles and ligaments may shorten due to aging, illness, or inactivity and the mobility of your joints may decrease over time. Swimming, on the other hand, works the muscles and joints of the body in a wide range of motion without straining. The stretching, pulling, and turning movements that are performed in the water while swimming help to lengthen the muscles and ligaments and increase joint flexibility. In this way, the range of motion of the joints is preserved, and your range of motion increases. You can also maintain the flexibility and mobility of your joints by swimming regularly, so you can perform your daily activities more easily.


2. May Strengthen Joints

Swimming is one of the most comprehensive sports branches that work all the body muscles when done regularly. It strengthens the upper body muscles, especially the back and shoulder muscles. This creates a supportive effect for the wrist, shoulder, and elbow joints. Strengthening the leg muscles supports the knee and ankle joints. In summary, the movements performed in the water while swimming develop the body muscles and the muscles that develop help strengthen the joints and work in a balanced and effective way.


3. May Speed Up Joint Pain Relief

Water provides an environment in which the joints can move in the most comfortable way with the least strain. Thanks to the buoyant force of the water, the friction between the joints decreases while moving in the water. In addition, with the strengthening of the peripheral muscles, the load on the joints is lightened. Thus, swimming can help relieve joint pain and lead a more active and healthy life.


4. May Reduce the Risk of Damage to the Joints

Repetitive movements increase friction between joints. This can mean damaging the joints if we are not cautious. As we have mentioned before, the buoyancy of water provides less load on the joints compared to the sports done on land, as it supports carrying the body weight. The effect of friction decreases during a workout, thus minimizing the risk of injury. Therefore, swimming is one of the safest sports in terms of joint health.


5. May Protect Joints by Promoting Blood Circulation

In addition to all these benefits, swimming increases blood circulation by supporting cardiovascular health. The increased circulation through swimming helps carry more oxygen to the tissues around the joints. In this way, it affects joint health positively by supporting recovery even after intense swimming training. You can protect both your heart and joint health by swimming regularly.


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