Benefits of Swimming for Children

Swimming is a fun activity as well as a healthy one. In the eyes of children, swimming is a source of entertainment in itself. Although it is difficult for parents to persuade their children to do healthy activities from time to time, there are hardly any children who will say "No" to swimming. Well, how about discovering the benefits of swimming for children? Let's take a look at the benefits that will enable you to encourage your child to swim when you find out.

Swimming Plays an Important Role in the Development of the Musculoskeletal System

Since all the muscles in the human body move when you go swimming, regular swimming can be very beneficial, especially for children who are growing up. Smooth muscles work actively during swimming and support children's nervous systems. While swimming, the chest, back, and shoulder muscles are directly activated. Swimming, provides an increase in muscle mass and bone stiffness, helping the joints to maintain a healthy range of motion without degenerating. Considering that children are constantly in front of their phones and computers, swimming can minimize the possibility of catching future muscle and skeletal diseases.

Swimming Can Prevent The Obesity

Unfortunately, today's processed foods are one of the main factors that trigger obesity in children. Since all the muscle systems of children will work during swimming, children get tired and spend more energy when swimming. Swimming can enable children to lose their weight in a healthy way, thus preventing the risk of obesity. It should not be forgotten that swimming is one of the easiest ways for children to reach their ideal body mass index. On the other hand, children who have no appetite may eat more than their normal meals after they start swimming because they will spend a lot of energy. Thus, they will have the opportunity to reach their ideal weight.

Swimming Supports Children's Spiritual Development

One of the biggest problems experienced by children at developmental ages is spiritual development disorders. It is a fact that has been proven by the whole world that water works in therapies. So much so that expectant mothers even give birth underwater on the ground which they refer to as being more comfortable. The greatest opportunity that water offers to children is to enable them to move freely. Children; they play games, communicate, and teamwork, especially with their other friends in the water, which affects their spiritual development positively. As children move freely in the water alone during swimming, their awareness of taking responsibility and their self-confidence increase. They can overcome their fear of drowning by swimming and increasing their psychological resistance levels.

Swimming Protects Children From Heart Disease

Swimming also has positive effects on heart health as it regulates blood pressure. Swimming reduces the risk of heart disease in children as it will develop the heart muscle. At advanced ages, it significantly reduces the possibility of developing health problems such as stroke and paralysis. The heart rhythms of children who make swimming a part of their lives also show a healthy course. This improves their quality of life.

Swimming Improves Children's Motor Skills

Research shows that swimming improves the motor skills of children. Since the danger of falling is less in this sport compared to other activities, especially children with balance problems can be directed to swim. During swimming, the resistance of the muscles to movement is low. When the weight of the children decreases in the water is added to this, the mobility of the children increases. Depending on the increase in mobility, children's motor skills such as falling, getting up, and standing in balance are observed.

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