As the Summer Months Approach: The Renewing Effects of SPA on Our Skin

How about leaving the tiredness of a stressful week behind and unwinding and relaxing a bit? SPA, which has been one of the most popular options among alternative medicine practices in recent years, is also the choice of people who would like to have a pleasant time. At SPA centers, you can have massages using different techniques accompanied by healing stones, beautiful aromatic scents, and oils and feel refreshed. If you wish, you can also spend a pleasant day in the pool, Turkish bath, or sauna, where you can feel the soothing and calming effects of water. So, what is SPA? What are the mental and physical benefits of SPA? Here are the answers to all your questions in our article!


What is SPA?

SPA, a word of Latin origin, means "Salus Per Aqua", meaning "Health from Water". The origin of SPA, which aims to heal the individual physically and spiritually, dates back to the Roman Empire. At that time, soldiers injured in the war were treated with water, various stones, and oils in baths. SPA, which spread to Europe over time due to its healing and relaxing effect, is still very popular around the world.

Although the therapy, massage and services covered by SPA vary in different cultures, it basically includes treatment with water, which is, hydrotherapy treatment. All the services offered by SPA centers are quite useful in many aspects.


What are the Benefits of SPA?

The methods applied in SPA therapies allow your soul to rest and your body to heal. We can list some of the benefits of SPA as follows:

  • It helps you get away from negative thoughts and helps prevent mental fatigue and stress. It is also effective in relieving sleep disorders caused by stress and tension.
  • It accelerates blood flow and circulation and helps protect your body from diseases.
  • It allows toxins to be removed from your body faster.
  • It helps your digestive system work more regularly.
  • It plays a role in the healing of rheumatic diseases.
  • It dilates the energy channels in the body and helps your body regain its dynamism.
  • It removes excess electricity from your body and helps you relax.
  • Skin tightening and cellulite reduction therapies help smooth your skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite.


What are SPA Massage Techniques?

Many different massage techniques are applied in the SPA, using various aromatherapy oils and healing stones. Among the many useful massage techniques, you can choose the massage technique that suits you the best according to your body's needs or discomfort. Some of the most common massage techniques:

  • Balinese Massage: It regulates the energy flow of your body and brings innovation and vitality. Essential oils such as sesame, rose or jojoba can be used in Balinese massage.
  • Anti-Stress Massage: The focus of anti-stress massage is the head and shoulders. In the massage, which is applied slowly and rhythmically, aromatic oils are used to relax the muscles and tissues.
  • Hot Stone Massage: During this massage, hot stones are placed on different parts of your body. Hot stones help your body relax.
  • Swedish Massage: Swedish massage is a massage applied according to the direction of blood flow and aims to improve your muscles. Swedish massage is a very effective type of massage for the whole body.
  • Shiatsu Massage: The Shiatsu technique is a method that is applied to eliminate imbalance in the body and improve various health problems.
  • Thai Massage: Developed by Bhikkhu, Thai massage does not use any aromatherapy oils. Thai massage, which aims to reduce stress and improve some health problems, is applied on a mat.
  • Foot Reflexology Massage: Massage is applied to pressure points on the feet, thus aiming to improve pain or other discomfort in the feet.

You can go to a SPA center that offers different services and discover massage types with useful techniques and have a pleasant and relaxing day.


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