As Elite World Hotels & Resorts X ecording We Are Making Nature Greener

The climate crisis, which has been on the agenda more frequently these days, poses great dangers for natural life and humanity. Wanting to change this picture, Elite World Hotels & Resorts continues its biodiversity and forestation efforts, which it started on June 5, World Environment Day, at full speed. It aims to bring 15,000 seeds into the soil by collaborating with ecording for a more livable future. Taking the first step with red pine and larch tree seeds in Muğla, Elite World Hotels & Resorts aims to carry the afforestation project to many parts of Turkey.


What is ecording?

Climate change poses more serious problems in nature day by day. Afforestation works are one of the primary ways to combat this global problem. According to research, 1 to 1.5 trillion trees are needed worldwide by 2030 to stop climate change. Unfortunately, it is not possible to reach these numbers with the traditional seed-planting method! At this point, the ecording project comes into play. Ecording, whose foundations were laid in 2017, is a social initiative that produces and develops solutions to the global climate crisis. It plays a major role in the fight against climate change by combining innovative, sustainable solutions with innovative technologies. Believing in the butterfly effect, ecording underlines that small changes can combine to create big results. Afforestation works are carried out using unmanned aerial vehicles and ecoDrones. Thanks to these ecoDrones, it drops seed balls into lands that are difficult to afforest. Thus, it serves the reforestation of many areas. ecording aims to strengthen the fight against the climate crisis in 5 different continents with 7 technological solution products by 2030.


What are the Features of ecoDrone?

ecoDrones are remote-controlled unmanned aerial vehicles that are developed by ecording. These vehicles are used for afforestation of steep lands. Thus, it ensures that all areas that need to be afforested can be reached. It can shoot 250 seed balls from the air to the ground in 1 minute. It also introduces seed balls into the soil with a protection rate that is 16 times higher than traditional methods. Therefore, ecoDrones play a very important role in combating the climate crisis.


What is a Seed Ball?

Not every seed that meets the soil has the opportunity to grow and develop. For this reason, it is necessary to carry out special work, especially in areas that are difficult to reach. A seed ball is a special mixture prepared to increase the germination probability of seeds under natural conditions. The seed ball project aims to minimize the negative situations that seeds may encounter while turning into trees. It contains clay, seeds, forest soil, fertilizer, and water-retention minerals. This special mixture protects the seed balls at the maximum level against negative situations such as cold, heat, wind, flood, and various creatures that are eating the seeds. The work carried out by ecording, in partnership with Artvin Çoruh University Faculty of Forestry and with the support of the General Directorate of Forestry, continues with 8 different seed types in 4 regions of Turkey. In addition, women who are living in villages or regions that are close to the planting areas for the seed ball project are also given training on this subject matter. ecording plans to support afforestation works not only in the technological but also in the social field and to disseminate these efforts to a wider audience.

Contribute to Works of ecording by Choosing Elite World Hotels & Resorts

Elite World Hotels & Resorts, one of the largest hotel chains in Turkey, offers flawless service to all its guests with its quality service and expert staff. It continues to host its guests in the best way with its hotels in Istanbul, Marmaris, Sapanca, Van and Samsun. Combining luxury and comfort, Elite World Hotels & Resorts took its sensitivity to nature to the next level with its collaboration with ecording. Within the scope of this cooperation, seed balls are thrown regularly every month on behalf of the guests who are staying at the hotel. If you are passionate about the climate crisis, would like to support nature protection and make environmentally friendly choices, you can choose Elite World Hotels & Resorts for your business and leisure accommodation. In this way, you can contribute to this important project. You can contact Elite World Hotels & Resorts right away to get more detailed information about the hotels and the afforestation project and to make a reservation.