Activities You Can Attend in Istanbul and Its Surroundings During Ramadan

As the Sultan of Eleven Months approaches, Istanbul is preparing to host beautiful Ramadan events this year as well. The month of March will turn into a cultural festival with dozens of exhibitions, theatres, concerts, cinemas, and conversation events taking place. The events that will be held in the most beautiful locations of the city will be the meeting point for those who would like to experience the spirit of Ramadan. Let's take a look at the events that will take place in Istanbul and around Istanbul during Ramadan.


Feed Your Soul with the Grinko Concert

World-famous Russian musician Evgeny Grinko will meet Istanbulites in March. Music lovers who would like to have a piece of mind with the most popular songs can attend the event that will be held at Bostancı Gösteri Merkezi on March 11. If you would like to feed your soul with the event, which will start at 21.00 right after the iftar dinner, you can purchase your ticket right away.

AMADEUS is on Stage with its 5th Season!

Do not miss out on this award-winning musical, which brings a brand-new breath to the story of the genius composer of classical music, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his rival and friend, the composer Antonio Salieri! The musical, written by Peter Shaffer, is staged under the production of Çolpan İlhan & Sadri Alışık Theater and Piu Entertainment.

Amadeus, directed by Işıl Kasapoğlu and starring Selçuk Yöntem (Antonio Salieri) and Tansu Biçer (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart), has reached 260,000 viewers so far with a huge cast of 70 people. You should watch this box-office musical, which has won numerous awards. You can combine the first day of Ramadan with art with the event that will take place at Maksimum UNIQ Hall on the evening of March 11. The play will meet the audience at 20.45.


"İstanbul'da Ramazan" Concert

İstanbul'da Ramazan Concert which will take place in the first days of Ramadan, will meet art lovers at AKM Theater Hall on Wednesday, March 13. Istanbul folk songs, hymns, janissary marches, fasıl music and folk dances will be waiting for you in the organization where the artists of the Directorate General of Fine Arts will take part. If you would like to feel the spirit of Ramadan in the deepest way possible, you can join this event.

Beautiful Concerts During Ramadan in Istanbul

You can enjoy the month of Ramadan with the concerts of Serenad Bağcan, Jehan Barbur, Çağıl Kaya, Peyk, Birsen Tezer, Vega, Redd, Gökhan Türkmen, Mirkelam, Cem Adrian, Sertab Erener and many other popular musicians. Concerts that you can attend with your family or friends after iftar will be waiting for their audiences all over Istanbul. In addition, Istanbul will have a musical feast with many paid or free concerts during the month of Ramadan.


Theaters for Children Are Waiting for Their Young Audiences

Istanbul never forgets kids for March. In addition to exhibitions that appeal to audiences of all ages, many events and workshops are also held for children. There are many options for you to have fun with your child in the Ramadan event calendar, where you can find theatres for children, game activities and many more.

"The Little Prince" will meet with children at Kartal Sanat Theater on March 17 and 20 and at Torium Stage on March 16 and "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" will be performed at Torium Stage on March 30, at 13.00 and 15.00, in two different sessions.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Iftar Activities

You can see iftar tables set up throughout Ramadan in many different places in Istanbul. Iftar tables prepared by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in cooperation with district municipalities will bring together thousands of Istanbulites this year. If you would like to enjoy crowded tables with iftar tents that will be set up in certain points of the city during Ramadan and deeply feel the feelings of unity and solidarity of Ramadan, you can also participate in these events.


Karagöz Hacivat Performances

If you would like to travel to places close to Istanbul during Ramadan, you may have the opportunity to encounter different events. With its proximity to Istanbul, Bursa may be one of the cities where you can feel the spirit of Ramadan best. Karagöz Shadow Play, performed by the metropolitan municipality during the month of Ramadan, meets its audience on certain days of the week. You can watch this show, which will be one of the best after-iftar events, at the Karagöz Museum.


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