You may have had several sleepless nights before your flight, or you may have to attend a very important meeting at your destination. That's why you may have to take a quick nap on the plane. Here, we have listed what you need to know to get a perfect sleep on the plane just for you!


Best Time to Sleep on a Plane

To have a well-rested sleep on the plane, you can try flying at times that suit your bedtime. Additionally, if you would like to make it easier for you to go to sleep, you can wake up 2-3 hours earlier the day before your flight. You will fall asleep very comfortably as your body needs to rest during the flight.


The Best Day to Sleep on a Plane

The days when planes take off with the fewest passengers are generally Tuesdays and Wednesdays. If you can arrange your flight date on these days, your chances of having a well-rested sleep can increase even more.


So, Which One Is the Perfect Seat?

When purchasing your ticket, it may be better to choose a seat by the window if possible. This way, you can comfortably lean your head on the glass side and stay away from the busy corridor section due to the flight attendants and passengers.


Which Clothes Should You Choose?

If you would like to sleep comfortably, your clothing choices should be the items that you are most comfortable with. It is a good idea to have a jacket with you in case your airline company does not provide blankets. You can even purchase a small blanket if you have enough space to carry it. This way, you will take precautions against the cold cabin atmosphere during the flight.


Should I Take Accessories with Me?

The two most important factors affecting your ability to fall asleep are light and sound. That is why it is a good idea to purchase earplugs and a sleeping mask. If you just realized that you didn't bring any sleeping pillows after boarding the plane, a rolled scarf and a t-shirt can serve as a pillow.


Put the Electronic Devices Away

Screen lights on your phone, tablet, or laptop can make it difficult to fall asleep. You can try to fall asleep by reading a book instead of these electronic devices. You can also try to sleep with the sounds of waves or bird chirping playing in the background.


What to Eat and Drink?

If you have intentions to fall asleep quickly, you should be careful about what to eat before the flight. You should also be careful not to consume anything in the first 35-40 minutes of the flight and not to drink alcohol during or before the flight. Drinking water or herbal tea instead of heavy meals or alcohol may be a healthier option for you to fall asleep.


You Can Use Calming Scents

Some scents make it easier for you to fall asleep. You can apply a small amount of lavender oil to your clothes or blanket. This way, you can fall asleep comfortably.


Communicate with the Flight Crew

If you do not want to be disturbed during the flight, you can report this to the flight crew. As a result of this information, you will be given a sticker, and you will not be contacted in any way during the flight. This way, you can have an uninterrupted sleep.