106th Anniversary of the Liberation of Van, the Pearl of the East, from Enemy Occupation

How about discovering the history and beautiful places of Van, which has endured all kinds of difficulties in its lands? Van, the pearl of the East, is a breathtaking city with its historical texture, cultural heritage, and natural beauty. This year, as every year, Van's liberation from enemy occupation will be celebrated with enthusiasm. Let's have a look at the celebrations of the liberation of this ancient city from the enemy occupation.


Liberation of Van from Enemy Occupation

During World War I, like many other homelands, Van was occupied by the Russians due to its strategic importance. Although this situation caused deep sadness in the public, it did not last long. The Russian occupation of Van ended on April 2, 1918. Since that day, Van's liberation from enemy occupation continues to be celebrated with ceremonies and great enthusiasm. All our martyrs and veterans who prioritize their homeland over their lives are commemorated with respect in events held with huge public participation.


Having The Same Enthusiasm Each Year: Celebrations Held for the Liberation of Van from Enemy Occupation

Many different events are organized by Van Metropolitan Municipality, governorship and 100. Yıl University in honor of the 106th anniversary of Van's liberation from enemy occupation. In the ceremonies that are held each year, wreaths are placed on the Atatürk monument in front of the Van Governorship building first and then the National Anthem is sung.

Within the scope of these celebrations, bando and folk-dance shows, poetry recitals, torchlight parades, various concerts and exhibitions are also organized. The enthusiastic celebration continued in the sky, especially with the unique shows performed by the Turkish aerobatic team in recent years. This proud day is celebrated together with commemorative events with the participation of many citizens, from old to young folks.

The liberation of the city from enemy occupation will be celebrated at the ceremony, which will be attended by the Mayor of Van Metropolitan Municipality, the Governor, and the rector of 100. Yıl University, many academics, the Gendarmerie General Command, the Provincial Police Chief, and the Garrison Commander.

You can visit the city and check out its historical and natural beauties as part of the events that will be held in honor of Van's liberation from enemy occupation.


Places You Can Visit in Van, Fascinating with Its Historical Texture

Van is a city that has hosted many different civilizations, especially the Urartians, due to its fertile lands and its location at the intersection of many trade routes. This situation brings with it a rich historical texture and an intense cultural heritage. It is possible to find traces of this texture and heritage in the lifestyle, traditions and culinary cultures of the people who are living in Van.

We can list some of the places that you need to visit in Van right here:

  • Lake Van,
  • Akdamar Island and Church,
  • Suleiman Khan Mosque,
  • Van Museum,
  • Van Castle,
  • Van Grand Mosque,
  • Hüsrev Pasha Mosque,
  • Kaya Çelebi Mosque,
  • Hoşap Castle.

In addition to all these places, you can also visit many natural and historical places such as Muradiye Waterfall, Lake Erçek, Devil's Bridge, Çavuştepe Castle, Van Fairy Chimneys, Zeril Bridge, Church of St Thomas, Meher Kapı, Halime Hatun Tomb, Van Travertines, Ayanis Castle. Then, you can sit at a restaurant on the famous Cumhuriyet Street, taste traditional Van cuisine and sip your tea while watching the city.


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