Winter Tourism in Van

Winter Tourism in Van

Historical Van Castle

Van Castle, which has become the symbol of Van, one of the oldest cities in history, was built by the Urartian King. Van Castle is a structure that has witnessed history and many civilizations. 7 km from the city center. It is delightful to go to the top of Van Castle, which is located in the distance, and witness the city's silhouette covered with snow. While you're at the castle, don't forget to see the ruins of the Old City of Van on the south side of the castle!


Akdamar Island

Akdamar Island, which you can reach by boat from the coast of the Gevaş district of the city, is one of the favorite places for tourists in winter. It is known that there was a palace on Akdamar Island, which was used as a settlement in the past. However, this structure has not been able to survive until today. Akdamar Church is the only building that has survived from the architectural structures of Akdamar Island. Akdamar Church; An architectural structure with a conical dome built with red stones. The stone reliefs on the church's exterior, on which religious symbols are embroidered, take tourists on a historical journey. Moreover, Akdamar Church, surrounded by historical and natural beauties, is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. You will not be able to get enough of the pleasure of looking at this island, where you will witness history while it is covered with snow.


Halime Hatun Cupola

You can't go all the way to Akdamar Island on your Van trip and not see Halime Hatun Cupola! You can easily reach Halime Hatun Vault in the Gevaş district after visiting Akdamar Island. Kümbet, which has survived the 14th century, is located in the Seljuk Cemetery. This building with a conical dome was built with cut and red stones; With the patterns on its exterior take tourists on a journey to the Seljuk period. While the Halime Hatun Vault is leaning against the snow-covered mountains, you can find yourself in a fascinating historical atmosphere.



Fairy chimneys in the city's Başkale district were formed due to the volcanic mountain Yiğit Mountain spraying the rocks and took the name Vanadokya due to its resemblance to the Cappadocia Fairy Chimneys. Vanadokya is 33 km from the city center. Therefore, it is located at a distance. Consequently, it is another pleasure for those who love natural beauties to visit Vanadokya, lined with fairy chimneys, when covered with a white blanket in winter! Home to 17 thousand fairy chimneys and many tunnels and caves, Vanadokya will allow you to witness the beauties of nature.


Abali Ski Center

Of course, ski resorts are one of the first places that come to mind for those who love to take a holiday in winter. If you like skiing and want to witness unique snow landscapes simultaneously, Abalı Ski Center is for you. 37 km from the city center. You won't be able to get enough skiing, thanks to the thickness of the snow and the length of the track at Abalı Ski Center located in the Gevaş district. We are sure that you will want to repeat this event every year, especially once you have skied against the view of Lake Van!


Van Cat House

Would it be okay to go all the way to Van and not see the cats that have become the city's symbols? Van Cat House, located at Yüzüncü Yıl University Van Cat Research Center; It is a center opened to protect the generation of white Van cats with one blue eye and one green eye. You will not be able to stop yourself from looking at the beauty of the cats in this center, which deals with the care and treatment of Van cats, which are in danger of extinction. And while the city is covered with a white blanket, we are sure that you will not forget these creatures that look at you with their blue and green eyes in this whiteness!


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