Which Hotels Are Available To Stay In When You Visit İstanbul For The 2023 UEFA Champions League Final?

Which Hotels Are Available To Stay In When You Visit İstanbul For The 2023 UEFA Champions League Final?

The Champions League is a big deal for football fans and is also very popular in our country. Therefore, the fact that the final game of the 2022-2023 season will take its place in Istanbul made football fans thrilled. So many people, not just from Istanbul but also from all over Turkey are fired up to be able to watch the game live. Are you one of them? If so, when you visit Istanbul for the final game, you may want to look for a place to stay. Well, which hotels can you stay at when you visit Istanbul for the 2023 UEFA Champions League Final? What should you consider when choosing a hotel? Let's have a look at the answers to these questions together.


Pay Attention to the Location of the Hotel

The location of the hotel is crucial in terms of making good use of your time. The reason for that is you may have to spend most of your time stuck in traffic in Istanbul. There is a big chance Istanbul will get even more crowded during the Champions League Final, therefore traveling by public transport or your private vehicle may be challenging for you. In this case, you should pay attention to the hotel you will be accommodated at is close to the Atatürk Olympic Stadium. You should also consider that the hotels located in the center area are more advantageous because they are close to various transportation such as the metro, Metrobus and bus.


Explore the Facilities of the Hotel

If you plan on visiting Istanbul from outside the city for the Champions League Final, you might want to continue to enjoy the game watching at the hotel. Therefore, during this trip, which we can refer to as a small getaway, you should research the facilities provided by the hotel you will be staying at. 

The fact that the hotel offers services such as a pool, sauna, Turkish bath, SPA, and massage lets you refresh both physically and mentally. Furthermore, in some hotels, you can find the opportunity to meditate so that you can clear your mind.

If you are interested in world cuisine, try to look up the hotel's restaurants beforehand. If the hotel's restaurants offer a wide range of food, you can meet dishes from various cultures, from French cuisine to Far Eastern cuisine.


Check out the Hotel Reviews

If you desire to get detailed information about the hotel's facilities and service quality, you can check out the comments of the people who have stayed at the hotel before. In this way, you can find more nominative information that you cannot find on the official websites of hotels or accommodation websites. 

You can find the facilities and quality of service, as well as photos of rooms, sports facilities, restaurants, and pools in the hotel review section. Thanks to these images, you can have a better image of whether the hotel will meet your expectations.


If You Are Going to Travel with Your Child, Make Sure the Hotel Is Convenient for Them

If you are visiting Istanbul with your family for your trip, you should also consider the comfort of your child. The reason for that is the more comfortable and peaceful your child is, the more enjoyable your vacation will be. You can have an unforgettable vacation thanks to hotels that offer facilities such as children's playgrounds, arcade machines, children's pools, and special events for children.


Accommodation Experience to Top Off the Champions League Final: Elite World Hotels & Resorts

If you are planning to visit Istanbul to watch the Champions League Final but cannot settle on where to accommodate, you can check out Elite World Hotels & Resorts hotels. The hotel chain is ready to welcome its guests with its hotels located in the center area of Istanbul and close to the Atatürk Olympic Stadium! Hence, you can choose to accommodate Elite World İstanbul Florya, Elite World İstanbul Taksim, or Elite World Grand İstanbul Basın Ekspres.

Along with Elite World Hotels & Resorts, you are not only benefiting from easy transportation opportunities. You can also benefit from Fit Life SPA & Health Center where you can leave the tiredness of the day, Game Arena where your children can spend time with enjoyment, restaurants where award-winning chefs serve flavors from world cuisine and much more. Furthermore, you will be able to stay in luxurious and convenient rooms with contentment!

If you want to travel for the Champions League Final, where you can experience 5-star accommodation in Istanbul, check out Elite World Hotels & Resorts İstanbul hotels close to Atatürk Olympic Stadium and make a reservation for the hotel you desire.