What is Thai Massage? How is it applied?

What is Thai Massage? How is it applied?

What is Thai Massage?

Believed to have been developed by Buddhist monks, Thai massage focuses on improving the body's energy flow. Reducing muscle and joint tension by increasing flexibility is among the main benefits of Thai massage. With the philosophy that the body's energy systems should be balanced, Thai massage opens the energy lines with passive stretching movements and light pressures. This underlying purpose of massage causes Thai massage to be characterized as assisted yoga. This technique is often preferred by professional athletes and those who want to increase the quality of life with its benefits supported by scientific studies.


How Is Thai Massage Applied?

Thai massage, above all, requires you to be dressed, unlike the types of Swedish or Balinese massage. You can choose comfortable yoga clothes during this massage, where you will be accompanied by active body participation. Again, unlike popular massage types, Thai massage is not done on a table. Futon mats placed on a flat surface are preferred for Thai massage by expert massage therapists.

Massage therapy is started with rhythmic pressings targeting muscle tissues with the help of hands and fingers. The massage therapist, who uses your body as an instrument during the application, sits on the mat. Thai massage therapists; do not go on the body or use aids such as essential oil. During the massage, the therapists only get help from their bare hands, arms, elbows, and feet. The positions performed under the practitioner's control make the body, lying almost motionless, do yoga. When technically examined, Thai massage relies on the practitioner changing your body position to open up energy channels. Professional massage therapists can use different massage techniques.


What are the Benefits of Traditional Thai Massage?

Relieves Headaches

Thai massage can help reduce migraine symptoms and chronic headaches by applying pressure to specific energy channels. Massages just above the eyebrows provide blood and energy flow with a comfortable sitting position.


Reduces Back Pain

Scientific research shows that Thai massage techniques have positive results on back pain. That is because you can reduce your pain with positions for trigger points and painful muscle groups in the back area. For this reason, you can try to alleviate your back pain with a Thai massage before using medication.


Increases Flexibility

Thai massage stimulates the whole body. Gentle Thai touches, which increase both lymph and blood circulation, increase the body's oxygen level. The body comes alive with gradual and gentle stretches. Thai massage increases flexibility and mobility with increased fluid circulation in the muscles and joints that lengthen over time.


Gives Energy by Reducing Stress

After the Thai massage, whose philosophy is to balance the blocked body energy, the body naturally gains power. The feeling of vitality and youth results from mental and physical relaxation. Although it is more energetic than other massage types, it reduces stress by providing mental calmness and relaxation.


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