What is Sound Therapy?

What is Sound Therapy?

What is Sound Therapy?

Sound therapy is technically based on the belief that our bodies contain energy frequencies. Sonic frequencies are used to interact with these frequencies. Sound therapists try to balance the body energy with the help of these frequencies during the session. It is washed with sound during the application of body, mind, and spirit. Special instruments used for sound bathing are chosen to include specific resonances and tones. Tibetan bowls, gongs, and bells are generally preferred during the session. Wave and wind sounds can also be used in the sound bath from time to time. However, the sounds used during this session do not contain a specific rhythm or melody.

The aim during sound therapy can be defined as changing and balancing life energy. For this reason, both body and mind are released during sound treatment. This freedom is captured in the sound therapy process by using melody-free sounds. The mind becomes as fluid as possible with frequency-focused sounds instead of focusing on a repetitive rhythm. Deep overlapping vibrations are used for this fluidity.


How Is Sound Therapy Done?

Typical sound therapy is usually applied after yoga and meditation. When participants are in the savasana pose (prone position) with their eyes closed, their bodies are almost prepared for sleep. At this very moment, when the body begins to rest and slow down, sound therapists come into play. The fixed frequency emitted by the sound therapist with the instruments he uses stimulates the brain waves. First, it moves from beta to alpha, that is, from ordinary consciousness to a relaxed level of consciousness. As the sound therapy continues, theta waves are stimulated, and then the peace of inner healing is tried to be caught with delta waves. This unique sound therapy also slows breathing and heartbeat. This slowdown can have a stimulating effect on the mind and body.

Sound therapy can also be used to calm busy minds. If you have difficulty in practices that require calming your mind, such as yoga and meditation, you may prefer sound therapy. Sound bathing can make it easier for you to get rid of the mental burden of overthinking. Much easier than a traditional meditation practice, sound therapy can help you get rid of overwhelming thoughts and overwhelming emotions. With this gentle guidance, exploring your inner world may become much easier than you think.


What are the Benefits of Sound Therapy?

Effects of Sound Therapy on Mental Health

Sound therapy, which takes place in an environment where external stimuli are entirely silenced, changes your level of consciousness. Thanks to increased theta and delta brain waves, a mental calmness obtained by meditation can be achieved. In addition, sound baths can help relieve anxiety and depression-related problems. Stress and tension can be reduced thanks to the deep sleep state achieved by sound waves.


Effects of Sound Therapy on Body Health

Although studies are limited, the results prove that sound therapy causes significant physical effects. Sound therapy can have curative effects on biological indicators such as blood pressure and heart rate. As a result of the deep calm and relaxation experienced in the body, pain can be reduced, and physical flexibility can be regained.


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