What is Qi Gong? What are the Benefits?

What is Qi Gong? What are the Benefits?

What is Qi Gong?

Qi Gong consists of Qi, which means life force, and Gong, mastery. Qi Gong includes several ancient movements that allow life energy to flow balanced and regularly. Combining gentle bodily movements with meditation, this practice is based on the oldest principles of traditional Chinese medicine. According to ancient Chinese medicine belief, stagnant Qi in a specific body area causes health problems. From this point of view, Qi Gong invites the body to a healthy flow by reducing the body's Qi stagnation. With the help of Qi Gong, a dynamic energy flow is created in the body by using simple poses and breathing techniques. Qi Gong, which has a different principle of integrity from yoga, is commonly practiced with three methods:


1. Medical Massage Practices and Qi Gong

With Medical Qi Gong, the Qi energy in the body is tried to be balanced with different methods. In addition to acupuncture and massage therapies, holistic applications with medicinal herbs can be evaluated in this category.


2. Active/Dynamic Qi Gong

According to traditional Chinese medicine, yang; represents energy, strength, and vitality. With active Qi Gong, known as dong gong, deliberate bodily movements are made to increase yang energy. It strengthens the lymphatic drainage system and increases muscle strength and flexibility with coordinated but slow movements. These movements, which provide coordination of the eyes with body movements, also increase bodily awareness.


3. Passive / Intellectual Qi Gong

Thanks to passive Qi Gong, with an internal concentration, the Qi in the organs is balanced, and energy channels are opened. Meditation accompanies Nei-Dan work, ensuring that excess energy is stored in safe organs.


What Are the Benefits of Qi Gong Exercises?

● Qi Gong; activates the parasympathetic nervous system with controlled breathing exercises, gentle movements, and meditation practice. Therefore, Qi Gong can help reduce the adverse effects of stress and anxiety symptoms.

● With its activities that all age groups can safely practice, Qi Gong improves balance and reduces the risk of falling. Similarly, thanks to body control that improves kinesthesia, these exercises can increase muscle strength.

● Qi Gong cares about calmness and meditative breathing. Thanks to these breathing exercises, your blood flow will accelerate, and your stress tolerance will increase. Thanks to Qi Gong, your risk of chronic diseases can also be reduced with its vitality-enhancing effects.

● According to scientific studies, Qi Gong also exercises positively affect Type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. Therefore, Qi Gong may be preferred in addition to medical treatment to reduce and improve the symptoms of these diseases.

● In addition to bodily movements, Qi Gong movements that require concentration can help you focus. In this way, regular exercises can increase your productivity.

● Your quality of life can improve with Qi Gong, which teaches you to connect mindfulness and intention skillfully.

● With mental Qi Gong exercises, your risk of chronic fatigue and depression can be reduced.


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