What is Medical Spa?

What is Medical Spa?

Do you know the secret to have smooth skin and a younger look? Medical SPA, aka medi-spa, whose popularity has increased exponentially recently, includes a series of applications that, when supported by a healthy lifestyle, help to improve the appearance of the skin and visibly reduce the signs of aging. This medical application can be preferred with peace of mind as it does not involve aggressive methods and does not require a long recovery period. So, what is medical SPA? What are the application areas of Medical SPA? Let's examine the answers to these questions together.


What is Medical SPA?

Medical SPA, also called Medi-spa, is a type of SPA that combines traditional SPA services such as massage and skin care with medical treatments. The services offered at the Medi-spa are performed by healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, or estheticians. Medical SPA can be defined as a health service combined with medical and cosmetic procedures as a concept. The centers where this procedure is applied offer various treatments such as massage and skin care, as well as more advanced services such as botox, laser hair removal, and chemical peeling.


What is the Difference Between Medical SPA from Traditional SPA?

If you haven't met Medi-spa yet, you can start by examining the points where this practice differs from traditional SPA. Here are the aspects of medi-spa that differ from traditional SPA:

  • Because treatments at the Medi-spa are performed by a licensed medical professional using advanced medical technology, treatments are more effective than those offered at a traditional SPA.
  • In addition to traditional SPA services such as massage and skin care, Medi-spas also offer medical treatments such as laser hair removal, chemical peels, and botox injections.
  • While the focus of traditional SPA is relaxation and rest, the medi-spa offers more specific treatments for your medical history. Thus, while relaxing your body, you can also benefit from services that support your health.


Things to Consider While Evaluating Medical SPA Options

In order to get a productive result from Medi-spa, it is very important that the center where you will receive service knows you well and has information about your medical history. Thus, you can make the most of the process with the services to be offered in accordance with your medical history. The information obtained by evaluating your skin type and health condition help develop a personalized treatment plan for you. In addition, all risks or side effects related to the procedure are reviewed by experts, and all these details are given to you so that you can make an informed decision about whether the treatment is right for you.

When choosing among the Medi-spa facilities, you should be honest about your expectations and what kind of change you hope for. This way, you can help the medi-spa specialist determine which treatments are best for you. You should also carefully follow the medi-spa's pre- and post-treatment instructions. A medi-spa treatment supported by proper skin care will help you maintain your results and support your overall skin health. For this reason, you can improve the appearance of your skin and visibly reduce the signs of aging by regularly using skin care products such as moisturizer and sunscreen recommended by your medi-spa specialist.


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