What is Bali Massage? What are the Benefits?

What is Bali Massage? What are the Benefits?

Bali Massage, one of the treatment methods frequently used in the Far East and Indian culture, takes its name from Bali Island in Indonesia. Bali Massage, which is generally a relaxing and balancing massage, prepares the ground for your mental well-being and relaxation as well as physical healing. Bali Massage, which is often preferred, has become more and more popular in recent years. So, what is Bali Massage? What are the benefits? Let's get to know more about this relaxing massage.


What is Bali Massage?

Bali Massage is an effective type of massage that is basically applied to the whole body. Bali Massage, which has its own techniques and applications, is an important synthesis of Eastern culture. This massage, which provides regeneration and relaxation of the body by increasing blood circulation in the body, is also applied for the treatment of chronic diseases and the relief of many symptoms. Another aspect that makes Bali Massage different is that it starts with the feet, not the head. The reason for this is that the nerve endings in the body are directly connected to certain points on the bottom of the feet. In this way, it becomes easier to affect the whole body.


Techniques That Are Used in Bali Massage

The reflexology method is used in Bali Massage, which aims to touch all the nerve points of the body, starting from the feet. With the help of this method, other organs, tissues, and bones of the body are warned. The warnings are aimed to unwind the body by relaxing. Another application method that places Bali Massage in a special position is the acupressure technique. This technique is aimed to realize the energy flow correctly. To apply the technique, before starting the massage fully, the body is divided into certain meridians and points and pressure is applied to these points.

Bali Massage, which provides relaxation of the muscles and tissues, focuses on the hand region along with the foot. Different techniques such as hard and gentle patting, stretching, percussion, and skin stretching are synthesized.


What are the Features of Bali Massage?

  • Bali Massage has some aspects that distinguish it from other massage treatments and make it special. These features are listed as follows:
  • Bali Massage is performed using natural oils. Thanks to these oils, the tension in the muscles is relieved.
  • Hand techniques and applications are applied harder than other types of massage.
  • It has a balancing and relaxing effect.
  • During the massage, effective pressure is applied to the energy points of the body. In this way, it passes through the muscle tissue and manages to affect deeper. It also balances all the energy centers in the body.
  • It mediates the integration of all internal systems with each other.
  • It increases the energy level and helps the whole body to unwind.


What are the Benefits of Bali Massage?

Undoubtedly, one of the most important factors that makes Bali Massage increasingly widespread is its benefits. Well, what kind of changes does Bali Massage cause in the body and what benefits does it provide to the person?

  • Provides both physical and mental relaxation.
  • Increases blood circulation with pressure on nerve endings.
  • Helps the lymph system to move and the toxins to be removed from the body.
  • Prepares for the regeneration of the body and the formation of white blood cells.
  • Relieves appetite and supports the immune system.
  • Provides energy storage to the body and revitalizes the skin.
  • Helps to reduce body, neck, and lower back pains and to relieve various headaches such as migraine.
  • Since it relaxes the body, it also plays a role in gaining a quality sleep pattern.


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