What do the stars of the hotel mean?

What do the stars of the hotel mean?

Many of us look at the number of stars first when we search for hotels; some people make it conscious, others do it in an unconscious way. When we look at the criteria for determining these stars, we see that the hotels are provided according to the facilities and service quality. For example, in addition to 4-star hotels, 5-star hotels have some other features.

For example, to mention some of the star features; When you look at 1-star hotels, the lobby, breakfast room, 10 rooms and the facilities such as telephone deserve to get 1 star. In addition to the features of 1 star hotel, air conditioning, hair dryer, swimming pool, television, laundry service are added to the 2 and 3 star hotels. When we look at 4-star hotels, everything is starting to become a little more luxurious. 5 years experienced staff, a hall for 100 people, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, such as features need to be.

5 star hotels now appeal to luxury. As with 4-star hotels, guests are welcomed at the best of 5-star hotels. In addition to the features of the 1, 2, 3, 4-star hotels, there are extras such as telephone with reception, satellite TV, indoor swimming pools, different restaurant options.

Finally, let's look at 7 star hotels. Many of us wonder if there are 7 star hotels. Many hotels abroad are known as 7 star hotels. However, when we look at 7 star hotels, we see that they do not have any official support. So they are only addressed as a 7 star hotel; ultra luxury icons.

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